Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Knit Out

I am very excited about this Sundays Knit- Crochet Out in Union Square Knitting

My Friend Dorethea and I are going to take the Train in to the City for this WonderFun Event :)

I don't go to the City very much even tho I live pretty close...
Guess I am just" A Country Girl ".
So for me this is going to be quite an exciting time. Little me getting on that Big Train and everything....LOL

Lily Chin was on TV this morning Crocheting and she said that she will be at the Union Square Knit Out also. There will be Fun things to see and learn and ohhhhhhhhhhh Yes..
"To Buy" ...LOL... Oh My.. I guess I better break into my Piggy Bank before I go....

Anyway... I'll let you all know How it was when I get back !!

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