Sunday, September 18, 2005

The Bride

The Bride Posted by Picasa

For those of you who know the story of My Wedding Doiley and of me missing My Niece's Bridal Shower because "Dizzy Me" went to the Shower the day AFTER it.... darn it!!!!

Anyhow..... My Two Niece's.. Debbie and Christie came over yesterday to visit their........... Absent Minded Aunt :)

Christie is The Bride and she is in the Middle...Holding the Wedding Doiley that I crocheted for her...

Now.. Can you guess which one is the Dizzy Aunt? LOL

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Christie Healy said...

Aunt Penny, I love the beautiful
doiley.. I will cherish it forever!! I am happy we were able to get together last weekend. It was nice to see your smilimg face. And Bobs as well. I have been missing you for a while now. We are family and always will be so we need to keep in touch. Hopefully one day I will have a baby shower and You will make that one....HAHA lol thanks a bunch hugs and kisses to always and forever
Your neice Christie