Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Doiley Posted by Picasa

OK I need some "opinions" here !!!!!!! Please !!!
I made this doiley for my Niece for her Bridal Shower... I wanted to get a nice glass tray with a glass that I could remove and put the doiley under but I could find no such thing....
Soooooooo I bought this "frame thing" It actually has a 2 inch wide thickness between the glass and so I put a piece of Green Velour in it and then the Doiley...
It is mainly for the purpose of " presenting" the doiley so that you can see it properly...
I really want her to take it out and use the doiley on a table and the frame for some photos...
I just did not want to put the doiley in a plain box to give it to her...
What do you think ?? Does it look OK ? Is it a good idea? Or should I take it out ..put it in a box and give it to her that way ????
I just want it to look nice when I give it to her at the Shower !!!

Hoodie Progress Posted by Picasa

The Baby Hoodie Sweater is progressing nicely ! It is being worked from the Top Down and the hood is completed... I am now starting the first sleeve.."See it on the right side of the photo"...
I stared to do it with my 16 inch circular but it was a little tight...so I switched to my Bryspun short DPNS... They are my Favorite sock needles !!! I'm getting anxious to add some Orange to it soon :)

What Will I Be ? Posted by Picasa

I have been "looking" at this yarn in my Stash for a long time now... Its time for me to decide what it is going to be...
I have 1o skeins @ 85 yards each so maybe I will make a nice colorful Florida Shawl for " Me "
It is a very light " nubby" sort of yarn.. made by Reynolds..."Reggae".. I am sure it is a discontinued yarn because I picked up the bag of 10 at a second hand store last year... for $2.00
Good Deal.. Huh ?
There is a nice shawl in the "Pattern-A-Day Calendar " on February 15th.. called Clearwater Rapids Shawl and it calls for a textured yarn so I think this will be great.... Maybe I'll start it tonight.. What the heck.. I only have a few other things on needles.... *Grin*

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Sock Half Posted by Picasa
This is half of a sock that I started last week.. It goes pretty fast but as you can see..I have so many other things in the making that I switch from one project to the other.. Its really Great when I get to the Finishing Parts of them :)
I did a pair the week before on a 32 inch circular..The "Loop method" It worked out very well..
This one is being done on a tiny 12 inch needle and is also going along nicely.. Its just " around and around" without pulling loops or changing dpns..... FUN FUN

Top My Daughter Terry Picked Out Posted by Picasa

This is a very Pretty top that My Daughter Terry picked out of one of my Schachenmayr "Inspiration" Magazines.. # 67
The yoke is really nice .. I hope it comes out like the photo :)
I am using TLC Cotton Twist which is a lovely soft cotton... I'll have to pick myself up some more of this before it is also discontinued like Lily and Cottonese... What a Bummer!!!

Debbie Bliss Sweater Posted by Picasa
This is the sweater Lara.. from Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk Book...
I am doing this sweater for myself because I just love it..
The color I am using is more of a Coral than it shows up on the photo. It almost looks like the same color as the D. B. Alpaca...
I am using TLC Lustre and it is so very nice and soft...

Let me show You some of My Projects.. Posted by Picasa

These are some of the projects I have "working"....
This is for My Grandson Will for Christmas. It is from a Sirdar Pattern and I am using Pound of Love which I really like to use alot. The pattern is nice for a Boy Sweater as is the denim color.
I am doing the size 10 year old.

Stash ???? Posted by Picasa
Ohhhhhhhh No !!!! Did someone say " Stash" ha ha....This is a "Birds Eye View" into my Secret Attic... I have since tried to reorganize the yarn a bit .As you can see I have to knit all the time just to try and get my stash piles down.. The many trips "browsing" around yarn shops have added more to this WONDERFUL sickness of Hoarding . I bought more bins and Now I have it somewhat neater with the sportweight on one side and the worsted on the other side.. Then there is the novelty stuff which is in another bin..I try to keep the same colors of each weight together. P.S. I also try to keep Hubby from going up there... When he does he just shakes his head in disbelief.. I guess he just doesn't understand that it is VERY important to have the right yarn at the right time for a specific project... But then I always seem to be missing that "one" color and I have to DRAG myself down to the yarn shop and reluctently...LOL... buy some more !I'm not going to show you the hall closet or the bins in my porch and the pile next to the couch...Gosh.. Then you might think I was an obssesive yarn hoarder !!! * Grin * Did I just hear someone call me a Yarnacholic?.....Well.. I guess I had better go Knit Something and get that stash down a little !!!!

Time To Knit Posted by Picasa

Now This is my Favorite thing to do on a beautiful morning !!!

Hoodie "Mets" Baby Sweater Beginning Posted by Picasa

My Daughters Friend is expecting her adorable adopted baby in two months and I decided to make him a Little Mets Sweater.........It is a hooded cardi and I will edge it in Orange ......With either Orange buttons or baseball buttons.. I have not decided yet... I will also put his small initals on the front...

My Half Pie Shawl Posted by Picasa

This is a Beautiful Shaw pattern that was sent to me from my Friend "Calliope".. actually her name is Mary but like she says.. She is more suited to a name like Calliope! Yup !!! I think she is right !! I'm glad we met at a Knit Together and have become friends! Looking forward to seeing her this fall when I go back to Florida...
I am using Lily's Baby Sport Cotton for this.. It is one of my favorite cotton yarns which has been discontinued.. Darn it.. Why do they do that ?????

Saturday, August 27, 2005


The weather is getting much better now.. The humidity has dropped down lots!!! Thank Goodness.. It has been such a HOT Summer...
After having my coffee and bacon and eggs and toast this morning which I am NOT supposed to eat.... But " Hey " Ya Know.. Once in a while we have to treat ourselves :)
Well.. Anyway I decided to Get Out a bit and take a ride to My LYS in Amityville... Its a small quaint little shop and I like to chat with Karen ..the owner ! But .. No No.. Not today.. The shop was closed.. Darn it.. She must have gone on a few days vacation !! Some nerve, huh....LOL
So it saved me some money afterall !!! On the way down the step a lady went to the door and I told her it was closed.. " Oh No" Exclaimed the Lady with a worrisome look on her face!!!! :)
Are you a knitter ?.. " she asked.... Yes I am!!!! Yes I am... LOL
She pulled out her knitted and told me she was going there for some help as she is a New Knitter.. She did not know which side to pick up stitches for the buttonband on the sweater.. OK That was an EASY one !!! She was so " Happy" to continue on with her First baby Sweater!!!
Then I proceeded to go to Dottys Yarn Shop.. I did not plan on buying yarn ... ha .. Oh Yea!!! Sure!!!
So I ended up "browsing" for about an hour before I could not resist the temptation that the yarn was putting on me.. Gosh.. It just kept bouncing in my basket until I finally HAD to say.. OK Ok You WIN... You are coming Home with me!!! So $ 35.00.. lighter.. I left the store!!!
HoooHUmmmmmmm.. So much for NOT adding to my Stash!!!!
But it sure did feel GOOD!!! *grin*
Then I went further on down the block to JoAnns.. There I bought some green velvet that I need to line a frame for my Wedding Doiley that I made for my niece...
I had some yarn in my hand and this time I did resist and I put it back.. Bought the velvet and went down the road for a slice of white pizza and a coke..!!
It was a Very Good Day!!!

Friday, August 26, 2005

Scarf From Angies Yarn Posted by Picasa

Yarn From Angie Posted by Picasa

This is yarn that My Friend Angie has homespun and dyed to this beautiful soft pink yarn..
It is the first time I have knitted with homespun yarn.. Thank You Angie :)
Here is A sweater I am making for My 5 year old grandaughter " Natalie "for Christmas.. The yarn is "Cervina" ..I picked it up at a Smileys Sale about three years ago... Its about time I used it...
The pattern is from a Sirdar Book.. I seem to like their patterns alot !
Sweater inThe making Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

WHAT am I Doing??????

Oh Gosh.. It said to copy and paste this to where I want my "badge" to appear... Now what the heck.. I thought there would be photos...
Looks like I need MORE Help :(
Al right.. It said this now...
Your HTML cannot be accepted: Tag is not allowed:

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Beautiful Day

It was a Beautiful morning today and a perfect time to sit in the back with my coffee and my Knitting..

After a while we tossed the kayac in the water and went for a ride :)

There is supposed to be a photo here but it did not show up.. I tried 3 times.. Does anyone know what the problem is?
Well..I think I will give up on the photos for a while.. Its getting me frustrated....

I wanted to post a photo of the things I am working on but now what am I going to do??? OK OK I'm going to give this one more shot with a different photo !!

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Day Two

OK Here I am at Day Two of My Blog....
Spent the entire afternoon looking around for a new ink cartridge for my Printer... I just HAD to have it right away just incase I should come across a knit pattern that just NEEDS to be printed out so I can put in in one of my MANY looseleaf books which are filed with patterns to make... I wonder how many lifetimes I would have to have to knit them all... LOL

So .. Lets see now... Maybe I'll start with photos ( if I can figure out how to put them here)
These will be of the items that I have just finished knitting!

This is a sweater I just finished for one of My grandsons.
It makes a great pattern on the sweater with knits and purls... I really like the look and feel of this one. It is from Filati Trendy Stitches for Kids & Babies.. This is about a size 6-7.
I used Pound of Love for it...

Monday, August 15, 2005

Blogs First Day !

OK.. For some reason I just started a Blog.. This is my first post and I really don't know what I am doing.. But I will give it a try...
I signed up for the Scarf Style Knit Together and from there I ended up doing this Blog..
I love My Scarf Style Book and I am anxious to see things that other knitters have made from this book..
Well... Maybe tomorrow I will have time to figure out this " Blog Business"
See ya then !