Sunday, August 31, 2008


Pass The Hat Please !!!!!
I made more hats this week.. The hat itself is great but getting the Brims to behave is the Challenge.. I think if you do the brim with double yarn it comes out better...I think I will redo the brim on one of them.
Several People have asked for the Directions so let me TRY to explain!!!!

The Hat is crochet... I used a G hook for the hat and a F hook for the brim...Worsted weight yarn...
Chain 4 ....Join to a circle..
Do 9 trbl(treble) crochet in circle....
Chain 3 do a double treble anround post of first treble in space and double treble around post of next treble... Continue around and join with a slip stitch..
Chain 3 and do a treble in each space and a double treble around post of double treble....
Continue in this manner until you have 9 trebles between the double post treble....
Chain 1.. double crochet next two sts together.. continue doing the two sts around....
Do two rows of double crochet around..... Thats the HAT.. Now you find a brim that works for you... I googled several newsboy caps and tried a few of the brims.. Like I said.. The best ones are done using double yarn... I actually like the hat without the Brim too!!!!
Hope you can make sense out of these directions....Good Luck!!!
Let me know how you make out!!! :)

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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Finished Samanthas Swing Thing Jacket....
I think I'll make one for Claire now... I just have to decide on a color for her....

This is a Dress I am working on for Claire..
I'll post my Progress !!!
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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Knitting Update

Just to keep you updated on my knitting....
This is one of the things I am working on... Its the Swing Thing Coat which is in Ravelry...
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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Beach Day

Today was a Beautiful Day for The Beach..

This is part The Jones Beach Boardwalk .. There's Bob... "Hi" Bob :)....I don't know the length of the boardwalk but I should make a note to find that out.. I know that they have the miles written at points and it is a popular place for jogging and walking... Today we walked past the 7 mile mark but we only walked about a mile or so of the boardwalk...we got Lazy!!!

I'm still trying to catch up to Bob... "Hey You.. Wait for me "
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The Beach

Beginning of The LONG Boardwalk....

Those Canadian Tourists :)

This is The Pavillion with Bathrooms,first aid ,food counter, etc

Look How Far it is to The Water...
By the time you get there you really have to jump in.. Its quite a hike :)
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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Knit Day

Today we were Knitting at Denises House...
This is Denise.. Catherine.. Alice and Myself !!!

Look at Her Beautiful Gardens...

What a great Peaceful spot to knit, read or just vegitate !!!

Here is The Garden Of The Knitting Goddess.........

Oh Penny.. There you go.. "Goofing Around" AGAIN !!!he he

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Look at My Beautiful Butterfly Shot!!!

Isn't she Beautiful ??
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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sweater and Caps

This Sweater is SO So Soft and Squishie... I just LOVE it... A Girl saw me sewing on the buttons the other day while waiting for my laundry and she was in love with this sweater.. She wanted to know if I sell them ..I told her No... I have way too many Grandchildren to knit for and people just do not want to pay $$$ what we should charge for a handknitted item... She said that she works in Nordstrom and that they would LOVE to have these in the store.. Oh yeah... pfffffft.. Can you just see me knitting a shelf full of these sweaters... No..No.. Thats too much like WORK.. I knit because I like to knit not for the $$$$$...
After all.. Most of us spend so much $$ on our yarns, etc....our ever growing STASH... I don't think I could ever get back what I have spent but I knit for the enjoyment of it and I know my Daughters and Grandchildren really love there Knits from Grammie !!! Oh.. Yeah... It also keeps me a little bit more "sane".... :)
So Anyway....... I put two photos here because the first real yellow one is the true color and the other is not... I'm still figuring out the best settings for my camera... LOVE this digital photography...It makes it so much easier to see your photos....

My Daughter sent me a photo of a hat like this from a store and asked if I could make one for her and one for Samantha... These are the results of my efforts... Now the BIG challenge is seeing how they fit them... I'll send them off soon in the mail and hope to show you some photos of April and Sami wearing their Hats !!!!!
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Photo Shoots

I guess This one should be in WORDLESS Wednesday....I was just playing around with my camera today to see how my close ups come out... I love the look of this piece of wood...

And as you can see.. Our Peppers are almost ready!!!

The Petunias are in Full Bloom....

And The Rose of Sharon is showing Herself Proudly !!!
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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Kitty Blue

I made this Sweater because I wanted to use the Blue Hello Kitty Buttons.... :)
This is a Sirdar Pattern and the yarn is one of my Favorites... Bernart Softee !!!! It is a 6 -12 month size and required only one skein with plenty left over....
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Sami !!!

Here's My Cutie Pie !!! All Smiles as usual!!!!
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