Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Look at My Beautiful Butterfly Shot!!!

Isn't she Beautiful ??
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Nancy said...

She is gorgeous....she does love that butterfly bush!

Anonymous said...

beautiful picture


Beautiful photos, Penny! :-)

Thank you for checking on me. I miss you too... I hope my life will be less hectic soon and I will have more time for "computering" again --- and knitting... It seems like I am not able to train and knit at the same time... [sighs]

One of my 2008 resolutions was to get my butt off the computer and out of the house more often and it seems like I did too well on that one... LOL

I got to meet people to train with in my area and I really enjoy that (I really needed to make "real" friends in addition to virtual friends) but I didn't know it would remove my motivation for knitting... [sighs]

Talk to you again soon! :-)

Anonymous said...

That is a Monarch Butterfly isn't it?

Happy knitting,
janeyknitting AT yahoo DOT ca