Friday, August 28, 2009

YaYa Made Me This Ladybug Dress :)

It Makes me Feel Like Dancin !!!!!!

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Love this Photo of Felix and Sami...

April said that they said... "They wanted to sit down and rest" so they just sat right down on the curb there with their drinks read their books... :)

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Finally Finished this Blanket yesterday.... :)
I used Encore DK for it.... The pattern is in Ravelry but I forget the name of it right now...
All I can say is that this is the one and only one I will make... whew!! I couldn't wait to get it off the needles... The patterns has some errors in it and when I wrote to the designer she said to just fudge it... Others wrote that they did this and that to make it work.. So I did this and that and some fudging just to get it done.... I loved the edging which takes a while to do but turns out like an icord edge.. Very Pretty!

Oh And I made a Big Chocolate Chip Cookie for the Girls at Knitting today :)
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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Number Nine !!!!

Here are some photos of My next Grandaughter... This is "Penny Ray" and she is still in China... My Daughter and Hubby will be going back to China again to bring her home.. Right now she is in a orphanage in Southern China. With all the paper work, etc.. They expect to be going maybe in about 8 months if they work really fast!!! She is 18 months old. April wrote all about her in her Blog .
Her Brother Felix and Sister Sami are very excited and waiting for her to join the Family.. Sami is 2 years old and Felix is three.. :)

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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Using up Some Stash I just made this baby Blanket... I did the Afghan Stitch and then a shell stitch Border.
Its so soft and fluffy!!!

A Cute Little Bag made from Peaches N Cream Cotton.....
Pattern is in Ravelry... I Think its Dots Ditty Bag

I also want to mention that Rosemary is having a Summer Sale and Giveaway
on her blog @

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Thursday, August 13, 2009

This Sweater is about a zize 18-24 months and it is for Claire..
I used KNitpicks Shine DK yarn which my Friends in My Knit Group gave to me :) It was given to Catherine form Denise and then Catherine gave it to me because she didn't know what to make with it... I think she knew that I liked it and wanted to make Claire a Sweater :) so she gifted it to me .I challenged myself to get it done by the next Knit Day and I did.. It was all done in one week.... I guess you can say I had my own Knitting Olympics going on :) You can't really see here but the whole sweater is done in a rib knit so it stretches wider if you want it to... I love the Shine Sport and hope that Claire will like it too :)
The pattern is from my old favorite book which I have used Soooooooooooo many times...
Mary Rich Goodwin... Seamless Knits from Kids to Adults... Great Book !!!
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