Thursday, August 13, 2009

This Sweater is about a zize 18-24 months and it is for Claire..
I used KNitpicks Shine DK yarn which my Friends in My Knit Group gave to me :) It was given to Catherine form Denise and then Catherine gave it to me because she didn't know what to make with it... I think she knew that I liked it and wanted to make Claire a Sweater :) so she gifted it to me .I challenged myself to get it done by the next Knit Day and I did.. It was all done in one week.... I guess you can say I had my own Knitting Olympics going on :) You can't really see here but the whole sweater is done in a rib knit so it stretches wider if you want it to... I love the Shine Sport and hope that Claire will like it too :)
The pattern is from my old favorite book which I have used Soooooooooooo many times...
Mary Rich Goodwin... Seamless Knits from Kids to Adults... Great Book !!!
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Harpa J said...

It's very cute! I'm sure she'll love it.

KnitNana said...

It's lovely! I know she'll enjoy it (and the little bear, too)