Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Number Nine !!!!

Here are some photos of My next Grandaughter... This is "Penny Ray" and she is still in China... My Daughter and Hubby will be going back to China again to bring her home.. Right now she is in a orphanage in Southern China. With all the paper work, etc.. They expect to be going maybe in about 8 months if they work really fast!!! She is 18 months old. April wrote all about her in her Blog . http://pennymakes9.blogspot.com/
Her Brother Felix and Sister Sami are very excited and waiting for her to join the Family.. Sami is 2 years old and Felix is three.. :)

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Grandma Elsie said...

Oh Penny,, How sweet she is...
Will they be taking any knitting ,etc with them this time ?
Elsie <><

Debby said...

She's beautiful and I'm so happy for them all. We have pictures of our daughter in the orphanage that got us through until we could go get her.

KnitNana said...

Such a little sweetie! My cousin adopted a little sweetie from China....(she's not so little now, hmm maybe 10? I must check to see!)

Congrats - and I hope things move swiftly!

JustApril said...

There's Penny! I am glad to finally see her =)

sjanova said...

Penny, I just left a comment for your daughter. What an adorable little girl. Will this one be named Penny for her English name?

DJ said...

Congrats, Penny. So happy to see
this finally happening for your family. I asked on Aprils blog if
we would be starting another bootie
project for them to take over with them. Looking forward to it....I hope we do it anyway.
Hugs, DJ in SW MI