Saturday, June 30, 2007

Absolutely NO Willpower !!!!
This has been a very Bad few weeks for My Not Buying any Stash !!!! I think I am no longer a member !!!! :)
One shop two weeks ago had things for 30% OFF so I had to get a Bag!!!
Then another Shop had 50% OFF EVERYTHING... so now what knitter in their Right Mind could walk away from that???
So I am WAY PAST my Yarn Budget for a long time ...
Now Don't let me hear of any more shops going out of Business...... I can't afford it !!!!
But it sure was a Fun Morning in The Yarn Shop !!!!! <>

Then after we stopped for a bite to eat for Lunch I sat on the Dock in the Backyard and worked on this Pink Sweater that I just started..... I have to spend alot of time Knitting so I can use up SOME of this stash !!! I mean look at it.. Its hiding by my Computer and still in The Bags !!!!! Its Time to Dig In !!!!!! :)
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Thursday, June 28, 2007

This Week I made this Sweet Little Bolero Type Sweater... It is a Sirdar Pattern and I used Sirdar Domino Yarn for it..
I did a size 6 months and it only took 1 skein and a little of the second skein... Smiley Face Buttons !!!!!!
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Today I was going thru some of My Florida Stuff and I came across this Bag... My Dear Friend Mary in Florida made this for me for My Birthday :) I love the pocketbook fabric... and she has all sorts of pockets and water bottle holders inside with a beautiful lining... Oh and as I was closing the little flap closure today I saw that she wrote on the flap... Happy Birthday... And for my birthdate she wrote.. That was a Very Good Year !!! She was born the same year !! LOL
The otherside of the Bag has a Big Pocket but I took the photo from the wrong side....Isn't it Great!!! Thank You Mary..
I really LOVE it !!!
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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I finished the Pink Peppermint Sweater ... Actually its the Harvey Kimono Sweater in the Girly Style from Natural Knits...
I made it in a 6 Month size.....Also I only put buttons on the outside wrap .. on the inside I did a tie...
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Monday, June 25, 2007

LOVE this Photo...
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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Here's MaMa and Samantha after her first Bath at Home !!!
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Thursday, June 21, 2007

HERE SHE IS................................. SAMANTHA !!!!!!! My Number Six Grandchild !!!!
Isn't she just TOO CUTE!!!!

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Yesterday I started this Picot Sweater from Natural Knits.....The yarn I am using is Bernart Softy Baby... in Baby Pink Marl...
I am doing the up to six month size. I think I will do the next one from this book with a smaller needle.. I must be a loose knitter because my gauge is just about right but seems bigger to me....
But I love the picot cast on in this Sweaterand the yarn just couldn't be softer....!!!
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Monday, June 18, 2007

This Week I designed a METS Sweater for a Gift... Seems the Family are die hard METS Fans so this is what I came up with..
Its for a One Year Old !!!
I used Canadiana in The Blue and Orange and I even had the orange buttons in my Button Stash !!
I made a ruffle on the bottom so it would be " Girly"
How do you Like it ???

Now I'm sure the " MOM" will be browsing around in My Blog and come across this but pretend you didn't already see it when I give it to you... LOL
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Monday, June 11, 2007

This is Isabella.. My Grandniece.... I call her that because she is My Nieces Daughter..
Isabella sent me this Invitation to her First Birthday Party!!!
Now Who could resist!!!
I'll Be There Isabella...
Hugs & Kisses.. Auntie P.

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I whipped up two little Baby Hats last night.. Am I ever going to finish this yarn :)
I think I will do a few washcloths with some of whats left but first I have to get started on a Gift for Little Isabella .. My GrandNiece!!! :)
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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Last Night I made some Booties to match the sweaters....
Now I STILL have more leftover yarn...
This yarn really did go much further than I had estimated... :)
The pattern for the Booties is one that I have used for all of My Booties in The Bootie Project..
It is available at
I LOVE this pattern and Judy offers it to you for Free !!!
Thanks Judy!!!!
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Saturday, June 09, 2007

And THEN.....................With some of the Leftover Yarns I made a Cute Little Cuddly Blankie for Baby to HUG !!!!!!!
I just made the Blankie up as I went along... I casted on 27 stitches and did a garter stitch border of 5 stitches..
So start your square with five garter rows..
At the top end of the square I joined the second yarn and made the same square..
Then I did another set of two squares togetner and whipped stitched the two panels together..
Very Simple and Very Mindless as My Friend Barbara said !!!
I am Very Good at Simple & Mindless Things !!! LOL
Mine came out to be about 19 X 19.. Just Perfect for Hugging and for a little car seat cover!

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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Hello To All My Fellow Knitters and Family,

I am so overwhelmed here reading all the Wonderful comments that you all have written in response to "Miss Anonymously Rude".............
I read all of your replies as well as other ones which I received in My Mail Box....
WOW !!!! Is all I can say!!! After Reading and reading and reading so many... my eyes started filling up with tears !!! Gosh !!!! You are all so nice to come to my aid and get me over these exceptionally nasty comments........... People can Think what they want and have different opinions but I do not think it is necessary to be so openly cruel... But such is life I guess and I just started thinking to myself... " How hard it must be to live with these kind of people".. I sure am glad that none of us have to ...
I will be deleting those comments soon but I just wanted to take time to Thank You All for rallying around me....
WoW... This must be how one feels when they win a million dollars!!!!
I truly Have some Million Dollar Friends !!! Thank You All !!!!

((((((((((((((((((HUGS))))))))))))))))) Penny

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Another Sweater from Organic Cotton using the same one piece pattern and the sweater below....
This one has Little Puppy Buttons and The other one has Little Pussy Cat Buttons....
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Monday, June 04, 2007

Last Night I finished My Little Sweater and I am very pleased with the finished product!!!
How nice it is to have such a soft yarn knitted up into this Baby Sweater with no Lumpy seams... It makes for A Very Cozy Comfort !!
The Pattern is one line at..........
I highly reccomend this pattern...Its Easy.. Its Fun and its Perfectly Seamless !!!!
The Yarn I used is Blue Sky Organic Cotton in the color Nut... Ohhhhhhhhhhh .........What a Beautiful Soft Yarn !!!
I ordered my yarn at... I also highly reccomend... Judy is a pleasure to do business with.. Thank You Judy!!!
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Friday, June 01, 2007

This is A Sweater that I started last night in Blue Sky Organic Cotton in the color Nut... Its such a pretty color.
I am really happy about this sweater because I am doing it in one piece... I find that especially when using cotton it is nicer to make a sweater that is as seamless as you can ..The cotton seams just feel a bit too "bulky" to me... So this sweater should be as Soft As Butter !!
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Ok...So I have been back in NY for a week now and the urge was just too much... I had to take a trip to the yarn store to see whats going on there, right?
I had to get a skein of "Baby" in the minty green to finish the sweater I made in Florida which is still missing the second sleeve...
I forgot to put that skein in the photo...
Anyway I got two skeins of it in a pretty peachy coloralso... which you can see here.. It has over 300 yards in each skein and the yarn is sooooooooooo Soft and nice!!! And the store had 30% off of everything that was not on sale.. So Thats A Good Thing!!!!

I got the Sirdar Baby Care (blue) amd the Sirdar Domino(pink) also there for 2.79 each!!!

Then I moseyed on down to Joanns because I HAD to use a 50% off coupon ...( what a great reason to go shopping, huh? )
I got that nice sagy green Big Skein with the coupon and I also bought some Bernart Satin (Pale yellow).. Oh And the Bernart Baby Yarn in the pale pink and pale blue and white is from my first stop at Walmart....
So now for Knitting With Your Stash!!! Well... Now I have more Stash to knit from..
I actually drove right past two OTHER yarn shops without stopping so thats Pretty Darn Good for me!!!
Maybe that was because Bob was with me....LOL
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