Monday, January 21, 2008

Time for a little Update on these projects I guess...
This is the Back of the sweater and I started the Front last night....

The Laceweight Scarf is coming along slowly...There is a "goof" I think right in the middle , ya see it ???
Maybe when I block it you won't be able to see it ??? Maybe ????

The Little Yellow Sweater was restarted all over because the gauge was not working out but mostly the bottom kept rolling up... I ended up starting over in a lighter weight yarn and I did a garter bottom instead of what the pattern called for... Now I am much Happier with the hem... :)
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Friday, January 11, 2008

This was The Third Photo The Merry Sweater
( Arwen Sweater) but for some reason it disappeared from Blogger :(...
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The New Years New Projects!!!
These are projects that I just started.. oh Sure.. I have plenty of OTHER things on my needles but when you have as many needles as I do.. You can even start MORE projects!!! :) Needle Stash.. Well.. At least they don't take up as much room as My Yarn Stash does !!!
So The top photo is a Sweater that I am doing for Paige.. My four year old Grandaughter...I am using Plymouth Encolr Colorspun in DK weight in a pink and grey colorway...This actually was the yarn I swapped My Encore Blue Colorway for... :)
It is a Lacy Sweater from a Swedish Company.. Almedahls ...I think is the name...I could not find the yarn anywhere on line so I am using the DK and hope that its the right gauge.. I think its ok by the size of it right now... So I'll keep on going!!! I have five skeins of it and I am also asuming that it will be enough but we know How that goes Sometimes !!!

The second photo is an Old Shale Scarf pattern which I got on line... I was looking for something to make with the Knit Picks Alpaca Cloud Laceweight yarn that I bough last Winter... So Here she is at the Beginning of Herself... Miss Old Shale !! :)

The Third Photo is
The Merry Cardigan ( Baby Arwen) Sweater .. The origional pattern is in and Interweave Knits Magazine but .. Winter 2006... This is a Childs version that I found on line...I am using PatonsTrue North DK Yarn which I bought last year at Smileys.... Boy.. I am so excited about finally using some of this yarn !!!!
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Monday, January 07, 2008

"Ain"t She Perty!!!!"
Finished My Swallowtail Shawl last night and here she is washed and being Blocked...
This is my First Real Lacy Big Project and The First time Blocking... I am very Pleased at how it came out and proud of myself that I stuck it out even in the hard times of lace knitting... Thanks to those lifelines that saved the whole Shawl... They really came in handy a few times !!!
The yarn is by Katia and it is a wool/merino...
This should be a great cozy lightweight shawl to wrap myself up in with all the air conditioning down here in Florida !!!
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Thursday, January 03, 2008

For the New Year I decided to Stop worrying about My Weight and I'm going to eat what I want !!!
From now on.. THis is How I'm going to Weigh myself !!! :)

I am also going to try to have more Patience...With Myself and with Others !!! :)
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