Friday, January 11, 2008

The New Years New Projects!!!
These are projects that I just started.. oh Sure.. I have plenty of OTHER things on my needles but when you have as many needles as I do.. You can even start MORE projects!!! :) Needle Stash.. Well.. At least they don't take up as much room as My Yarn Stash does !!!
So The top photo is a Sweater that I am doing for Paige.. My four year old Grandaughter...I am using Plymouth Encolr Colorspun in DK weight in a pink and grey colorway...This actually was the yarn I swapped My Encore Blue Colorway for... :)
It is a Lacy Sweater from a Swedish Company.. Almedahls ...I think is the name...I could not find the yarn anywhere on line so I am using the DK and hope that its the right gauge.. I think its ok by the size of it right now... So I'll keep on going!!! I have five skeins of it and I am also asuming that it will be enough but we know How that goes Sometimes !!!

The second photo is an Old Shale Scarf pattern which I got on line... I was looking for something to make with the Knit Picks Alpaca Cloud Laceweight yarn that I bough last Winter... So Here she is at the Beginning of Herself... Miss Old Shale !! :)

The Third Photo is
The Merry Cardigan ( Baby Arwen) Sweater .. The origional pattern is in and Interweave Knits Magazine but .. Winter 2006... This is a Childs version that I found on line...I am using PatonsTrue North DK Yarn which I bought last year at Smileys.... Boy.. I am so excited about finally using some of this yarn !!!!
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Oiyi said...

That toilet paper roll holder is a awesome idea to hold your yarn!

KSee said...

love the colors. Three OTN projects!

JustApril said...

All very pretty projects! Love the lace =)