Monday, October 31, 2005



I got a BUTTON :)

Mandy made this button for me .. Now Lets see if I can make it smaller???

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Natalies Sweater

Natalies Sweater

I finally got to cross off another Finished Project... Hooray !!!
This is Natalies Sweater.. I am really pleased with the way it turned out..
I decided to put little pearls in the center of the Flowers and they look really pretty "in person"..
They have a little Pink to them and a nice "shine". The Yarn I bought at Smileys a few years ago... Its Cervinia... Caprice... A very nice yarn to knit with....
I think Natalie will like her Christmas sweater.. :)
Pearls in The Flower Posted by Picasa

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Its In The Air

Oh Boy.. There is a Chill in the air and I can feel its coming!!!!

The stores all have Red and White Stuff in them and I have a "jingle..jingle" in my ears!!!
Its time for me to get all stressed out now because I have to finish my Christmas Gifts...
Will I get them done on Time???? I Think I Can.. I Think I Can !!!!
I thought I started making things early this year.. After all it was 95* and I was knitting sweaters for Christmas already... Now its 50* and I still am knitting some of those same Christmas Sweaters......What the heck happened??? Did I fall asleep for a few months or something?

Well Time will tell I guess... I had a problem with the collar on Natalies sweater but I think it will be ok now... I'll knit it up tonight and see how it works out... Then its attaching the sleeves and sewing up the seams.. And making little Flowers on the Front...
I spent weeks trying to figure out what sweater to make for Allie ( 10 Years old) .. Now I found five of them and have to decide which one to make.. I would LOVE to make a few of them but they will have to get to her After Christmas.. Thats OK because I am sure she will get use out of them in Buffalo.... Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Water ???

Water ??? Posted by Picasa

This is the High Tide we had yesterday from the Storm that came "wizzing" by !!!

Heavy Winds and Lots of Rain ...
The boat dock is high up as you can see and I usually sit where the Little Boy Statue is..
Except I am not in the Water when I am sitting there :)

The Storm

The Storm Posted by Picasa

Yesterdays Storm is gone and I don't live in a Houseboat anymore :) Fishing


Smile Posted by Picasa

My Sister Jane came up from Florida for the Wedding.. She is in the Purple Dress..

Next to her in the Black Sweater is My Niece " Heather" ... Janes Daughter.... Who came down from Upstate New York..

And next to her is "Kayla".... She is My Sisters Grandaughter for another Daughter " Holly"

The one thats left is " ME ".......................... and " Yes" I did make the shawl :)

Here Comes The Bride

Here Comes The Bride Posted by Picasa

I got a Nice Close up Photo of Christie as she was walking down the isle......

The Wedding

Wedding Cake
The Wedding

Sunday was my Nieces Wedding "Christie"...................
You remember I told you about it right?..
She is the one whose Bridal Shower I went to on the wrong day... The Day AFTER the shower....

Well... I did remember to go to the Wedding on the right day anyway....
The girls all looked so pretty and the Bride was Beautiful ! :)

The Maid of Honor next to the Bride is also My Niece " Debbie"and the Cute Little Flower Girl is debbies Daughter " Hailey"..
The Handsom Little Ring Barer is Debbies Son " Andrew" They were soooooooooo Cute!

Friday, October 21, 2005

Friday ??

So.. It seems that Today is Friday again???
This week was just LOST to me.. I guess thats because I was sick...
I'm on The Mend now... Hooray !!!!!

Sunday is My Nieces Wedding and I'll be feeling much better by then.. :)

I'm trying very hard to get my Christmas Sweaters done or at least to make some progress in them...
I'm working on the sleeves to Natalies Sweater...
Sleeves are like Socks.. You have to make Two of them.. So this time I am doing them Both at the same time.. Then .. when I'm done with one.. I'll be done with Both :)

Then I still have to decide What Sweater I want to make for Allie.. My Ten Year Old Grandaughter....... I want it to be stylish .. Sort of cropped... Cardi or Pullover???...Zipper or Buttons???....Hood or No Hood??.... But it has to have a fuller shape at the cuff..
Sort of like a bell sleeve....
OK.. If you know where this pattern is... PLEASE email me and tell me... OK ...
I'll be your Friend Forever !!!!

Thanks... I'll be keeping my fingers crossed in hopes of you finding me one :)

Monday, October 17, 2005

Boys Booties

Boys Booties

So Why can I not finish my Christmas sweaters you ask ???
Well.. All these other " Spur Of The Moment" Projects just keep on getting in my Way :)
It seems that when I see a cute pattern I have to make it .....

So.. This weeks " Theme" was " FEET".... :)
Yesterday you saw the Cute Baby Feet Cloths which can be found at ....
There seemed to be a Big Request for those .. Glad you all liked them :)

Now These Slipper Booties are done in TLC and they are the same as the Girls Fuzzies But without the FUZ..........Thes Booties are for My Two Grandsons...

Bottoms Up

Bottoms Up

I wanted to show you how I did the Bottom of these.. I did not want to have the Fuz on the Bottom so I doubled the yarn with the worsted for a thicker "un fuzzed" Sole ....


Fluffy For Girls

I put the tissue in the Slippers so that you could see where the opening is... Otherwise they just look like Six Balls of Fuzzy Yarn... LOL

So ... Wendy.....You asked me last week "What was I going to do with my Free Bernart Disco?"

Well.. Here it is.. All turned into Three Pairs of Fuzzy Slippers for My Grandaughters :)

Bobs Booties

Bobs Slippers

And Now I would like you to meet....

He is enjoying His Slippers just in time for this Cooler Weather :)

I don't want to forget to Thank Mona for her Inspiration in making these slippers..
Thank You Mona................

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Baby Feet

Baby Feet
This week I took a Break and did some FUN Knitting while I was not feeling well..

Awwwwwwwwww... Aren't these
Baby Feet Washcloths Cute !!

They were just the thing to put a "Smile" on my Face :)
Oh.. See.. It worked for YOU too :)

Thank You Jen for giving me the idea to make these adorable Cloths..
I already have Two Little Babies in mind who will be getting their Tiny Toes Washed
with them...

Ruby & Christmas

Ruby Reds & Christmas Reds Posted by Picasa

So here you have a photo of the Two different sizes...

I did use the same needle size and the little ones and the same amount of stitches...
I guess this is a good example of those two awfull words... " GAUGE" and " SWATCH" Duh

Christmas Reds

Christmas Reds Posted by Picasa

Thes Little Reds were made with Caron worsted acrylic Christmas Sparkle yarn..
I used the same pattern as the Ruby Reds but being that this was thicker yarn
they came out much bigger...
I am sure these will fit .. My Two Year Old Grandaughter...

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Knitting Books

Knitting Books Posted by Picasa

This week being Colombus Day ... Michaels was very generous as to give us a 60% off Coupon..
I happened to have Two of them because I picked up the sale paper from a neighbor who doesn't use them ...

So Off I went " Shopping"...................
I picked up these Two Great Knitting Books and for 60% OFF they were a Great Deal !!!!

I had to pay for one first and then go back and get the other one because I don't think they expect you to be using two coupons.... Oh Sure .. I could have gone back the next day but with the price of GAS... I'm not so sure I would be saving very much $$$$$$$$

Now .. Here it is.. The third rainy day in a row... Rainy
I should have been working on some of my WIP's.. But instead.. I started some new projects and have added them to My List.....Oh Well.. What can I say????? I'm Knitcrazy!!!!

Besides the Rain... Somewhere I picked up a terrible Cold......

Bob says I probably got it running to " Yarn Sales" ROTFLHa Ha................
Imagine THAT.. What a CRAZY thing to say !!!! ha ha.. As if THAT would stop me !!!

Hopefully I will be better by Friday because I have plans with my Friend Dorethea to go to "Smileys"... Yippee !!!!! Gee... I hope I don't " catch " another YARN COLD..... Ha Ha

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Ruby Red Hat

Ruby Red Hat Posted by Picasa

This is the hat I chose to go with the Ruby Reds !!!

It is really a very pretty stitch .....The hat looks sort of like a flapper hat from the 1920's....
I really do like it...

Bob said I should make one for myself :) What do ya Think ???
Red Hat

Friday, October 07, 2005

Ruby Reds

Ruby Reds Posted by Picasa

Ohhhhhhhhh.... I LOVE those RUBY REDS !!!!!!

These have got to be the cutest little shoes I have ever seen ......
They are done with red Glitterspun and I found the sweetest little antique glasslike buttons for them..
The buttons shine so much that they look like tiny diamonds .........awwwwwwwwww !!!!!!

I had so much FUN making these tiny little shoes.... I just might have to make some other ones in different colors!!!!

Now I am off to making a Little Lady Hat to go with then...

Well.. After all...
A Little Lady is not properly dressed if her Hat and Shoes don't match, Right !! :)

I would like to THANK Mandy for Sharing her Pattern for these Adorable Shoes !
Thanks Mandy!

Teddy and Reds

Teddy and Reds Posted by Picasa

I just had to put the Ruby Reds with Teddy so you can see how "itsy bitsy" they are ...

Monday, October 03, 2005

Girls Sets

Girls Sets Posted by Picasa

Hats and Scarves are completed for the Girls......

All Three Grandaughters will have Nice Bright Sets... Each one is a Little different...

The one in the middle is for the Two Year Old.... Paige.....

The one on the Left is for Allie....The Ten Year Old.....

The one on the Right is for Natalie....The Six Year Old

OK.. Now its back to the sweaters !!!!!

Boys Sets

Boys Sets Posted by Picasa

The matching Scarves are finished to complete the Buffalo Boys Sets!

One is done in a Fishermans Rib with a crochet edge at the ends...

The other is done with a Garter Stitch Border at The Ends and then a Knit2- slip 2 stitch pattern.

One is about 35 inches and the other is about 30 inches.

I don't like to make the Kids Scarves too long because as a " GRANDMA" I always "worry" about them getting the scarves caught on something if it is too long... I know.. I know.... But thats what grandmas are for... To Worry, right :)

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Lily Chin

Lily Chin Posted by Picasa

Here we are at The Big Apple with Our Knitting Pal....Lily Chin..........

I have my hair in a pony tail so I look like I don't have any..... yikes.. Is That " ME"... LOL

Thats Dorethea and I with Lily... Gosh.... Lily is such a nice person....I had to bend down a bit because she is very petite....

The Knit - Crochet Out at Union Square was great... We walked and walked and browsed and browsed... There were knitting and crocheting demos and there were other knitting designers there.. Like Nicky Epstein who was knitting one of her beautiful flowers....
Her Books ......Knitting on The Edge and Off The Edge are Great Books for doing your own designing.....

I also met up with Linda and Jan from the knitlist . They are the authors of the book...
"The Knitting Way" .... I found them in the crowd by seeing their Tote Bag with the book name on it... :)
It was nice to meet ya Linda and Jan... :)

There were alot of crochet and knitting magazines and patterns and information being given away.. They gave away Clover Bamboo Knitting needles also! :)
Dorethea and I had a BIG Bag FULL of things to take home with us... And " YES" The darn bag was pretty heavy to carry around.... Boy......... what we do for Freebies !!!!! he he

We had a quick Lunch at Mac Donalds...... mostly it was good to sit our Butts down and take a load off our aching feet!!!!

Then we took a walk to a Knit Shop which was very crowded and very expensive... needless to say.. " We did not make any big purchases there" :)

Then we walked back to Union Square and stopped at Bon'aton??? or something like that.. I forget the name of the place... Anywayit was another pit stop andthere we had some tea and some YUMMY scones!!!!

We then looked around some more.. Watched the Scarf contest ( Some really Pretty and Cute Scarves were entered)
and we also watched The Fashion Show.....
.......Which was a Doggie Fashion Show..... each little and big canine marched around in their fancy knitwear.... LOL.. hummmmm.... I forget Who was The Best Dressed... :)

After all those hours that we put in pouncing on our OWN "puppies"....
It was time to " Hail a Cab" back to Penn Station...
We enjoyed the ride home and did our own little demonstration of knitting with the Free needles that we got ....

So Now Is The Time For This Tired Knitter ...............To Put her feet up on the couch and look thru all this Knitting and Crocheting Literature that I Lugged around all afternoon!!!

Nitey Nite!!!! See you all Tomorrow !!