Friday, October 07, 2005

Ruby Reds

Ruby Reds Posted by Picasa

Ohhhhhhhhh.... I LOVE those RUBY REDS !!!!!!

These have got to be the cutest little shoes I have ever seen ......
They are done with red Glitterspun and I found the sweetest little antique glasslike buttons for them..
The buttons shine so much that they look like tiny diamonds .........awwwwwwwwww !!!!!!

I had so much FUN making these tiny little shoes.... I just might have to make some other ones in different colors!!!!

Now I am off to making a Little Lady Hat to go with then...

Well.. After all...
A Little Lady is not properly dressed if her Hat and Shoes don't match, Right !! :)

I would like to THANK Mandy for Sharing her Pattern for these Adorable Shoes !
Thanks Mandy!

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Anonymous said...

Now Grandma figures out how to make the shoes I always wanted. Five children, ten years later- Oh well!!! I love them. Maybe I should have one more just so I can get a pair of ruby reds!!! LOL