Thursday, October 27, 2005

Its In The Air

Oh Boy.. There is a Chill in the air and I can feel its coming!!!!

The stores all have Red and White Stuff in them and I have a "jingle..jingle" in my ears!!!
Its time for me to get all stressed out now because I have to finish my Christmas Gifts...
Will I get them done on Time???? I Think I Can.. I Think I Can !!!!
I thought I started making things early this year.. After all it was 95* and I was knitting sweaters for Christmas already... Now its 50* and I still am knitting some of those same Christmas Sweaters......What the heck happened??? Did I fall asleep for a few months or something?

Well Time will tell I guess... I had a problem with the collar on Natalies sweater but I think it will be ok now... I'll knit it up tonight and see how it works out... Then its attaching the sleeves and sewing up the seams.. And making little Flowers on the Front...
I spent weeks trying to figure out what sweater to make for Allie ( 10 Years old) .. Now I found five of them and have to decide which one to make.. I would LOVE to make a few of them but they will have to get to her After Christmas.. Thats OK because I am sure she will get use out of them in Buffalo.... Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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Jenn said...

Goodluck with getting your Christmas gifts done! :)