Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Knitting Books

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This week being Colombus Day ... Michaels was very generous as to give us a 60% off Coupon..
I happened to have Two of them because I picked up the sale paper from a neighbor who doesn't use them ...

So Off I went " Shopping"...................
I picked up these Two Great Knitting Books and for 60% OFF they were a Great Deal !!!!

I had to pay for one first and then go back and get the other one because I don't think they expect you to be using two coupons.... Oh Sure .. I could have gone back the next day but with the price of GAS... I'm not so sure I would be saving very much $$$$$$$$

Now .. Here it is.. The third rainy day in a row... Rainy
I should have been working on some of my WIP's.. But instead.. I started some new projects and have added them to My List.....Oh Well.. What can I say????? I'm Knitcrazy!!!!

Besides the Rain... Somewhere I picked up a terrible Cold......

Bob says I probably got it running to " Yarn Sales" ROTFLHa Ha................
Imagine THAT.. What a CRAZY thing to say !!!! ha ha.. As if THAT would stop me !!!

Hopefully I will be better by Friday because I have plans with my Friend Dorethea to go to "Smileys"... Yippee !!!!! Gee... I hope I don't " catch " another YARN COLD..... Ha Ha

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Becky said...

You really do have a long WIP list. I love the red hat and booties.

Don't you just love a bargain! I should start asking my friends for those discount coupons, too. :)