Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The morning begun with some of Our Knitters at Paneras.......From left to right is Charlene...Mary...Me 'Penny"....Betty and Lori !!!

Its always a Nice Fun Time every Wednesday when we meet to Knit and Chat and Eat !!!
I am finishing up a project here which I hope to post soon but first I have to get it to the recipient because its a "Surprise" and I don't want them to see it here on My Blog :)

LOL... OK... So now everyone will be waiting for me to send them this Surprise !!!!
Sorry.. There is only one right now... I'll have to work on another real soon :)
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And here's Sharon... who took the photo :)
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After our morning at Paneras knitting and eating....
Betty and I went to Marys House so I could do some work on a sewing project I have going on....
As you can see here... Mary has quite the Sewing..Crafting Room.. and it is equipped with everything you could possibly need... I think I could spend a very big part of my Day in there...

Hummm... I think she could use it as a Stage for a Sewing Show... :)
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Whats going on here.. This new Blogger stinks !!!!!

I keep trying to post pictures and it doesn't happen... When I sign in it tells me its the wrong password...

All the problems we had with the Old Blogger wasn't half as bad as this New Blogger..

Can someone tell me How to post my photos with the New Stuff !!!!

Friday, January 26, 2007

Here is a Better Picture of the Little Red Shoes after I put some Tiny Heart Buttons on them :) Posted by Picasa

Monday, January 22, 2007

I received this Request from My Daughter as you all know is anxiously STILL waiting for her Baby from China...

Mom ......I need some more booties sent to me. Can you put out another post. Here's the reason...
As some of you may know as it's been a public news issue the past month:
China is putting forth new rules for applicants applying this year. Due to the fact that they have so many more applicants then babies "supply and demand" the time frames have increased to 24-36 months from start to finish. Its a long and frustrating wait...You may think there's no way but it is true. There are hundreds of orphanages in China that are not open to the international adoption program therefore many babies are there waiting to be adopted by the Chinese. Unfortunately with all these babies there is still a long waiting list. The Chinese that are adopting babies for themselves just look for a certain type of baby-certain features etc. It's nothing bad, it's just the way the culture is in China. Looks are #1 for women.
So I'd like to give my bootie collection to the orphanages that are domestic within China only. It just makes sense. They have more little babies waiting around then mine does and those little babies really need things .. They don't have very much..Most of the money for adoptions go to the Government and not to the orphanages.. :(
So PLEASE send more booties. They don't have to be fancy just made with love. We don't plan on traveling to China for several months so there's plenty of time.
Thank You for any that you can do..
Love April.. who is Still waiting for her China Baby...
Please email My Mom for my mailing address;

I was just reminded by a friend ( Barbara) not to use white yarn... They use the color white in China for Mourning......

Saturday, January 20, 2007

" Little Penny" can Fill Grandmas Shoes :)
Here are the Before and After Photos of My Little Shoes :) ....... Hope you can all see these photos because I had to send them a different way.. I don't know whats up with Blogger...

This was my First experience with "felting"or as My Daughter April said.... The first time I used " Shrinky Dink Yarn" :).......and I must say I did enjoy watching the process...
I first put them in a pail in the tub with a teaspoon of Euculan.. which I have to tell you smells absolutely wonderful ! Then I used a plunger to agitate the water... I did this for several minutes and still no shrinkage??? hum??? So I changed the water and did it hot again.... kept plunging....
Then I decided to add some boiled kettle water and kept plunging... Now I could see it starting to shrink... I then remembered someone saying to rub the item while in the water and this is when I could see the Big felting really happening... So I would reccomend that you rub the item while it is in the water... Soon I had these sweet little shoes .. I put them in cold water to stop the shrinking and shaped them and put plastic supermarket bag in each to hold the shape while they were drying... After a while I took out the bags and now they are outside finishing up the drying.. :)
It was a Fun Experience .. Not only did I get these Little Shoes but I think I got some muscles in my arms from all that plunging :) Posted by Picasa
Sorry.. I forgot to post the pattern... I got in in Donna Koolers Encyclopedia of Knitting and I used Patons 100% Wool Yarn.. I REALLY loved working with this yarn but I would be afraid to use it for anything other than felting because of the shrinkage... Maybe if the item was washed by hand it would be OK but I am way to lazy to do that :)

Sunday, January 14, 2007

What Have I Been doing this week ???

Let me see now. *I have been Sitting on The Beach..reading, walking, eating, Knitting, Sleeping *
Repeat from * to *... Thats what I will be doing next week also :)

" LIFE IS GOOD" Yup.. Thats what the hat says that April got me.... How True It Is !!! :)
Six Hats

These are Six Hats I finished for The Childrens Cancer Hospital in Boston... Very FUN Hats !!!
The Pattern is Here..........

Beach Bunnies In Fur Hats !!!

Got some of the Girls and Man on The Beach to model the Fur hats for you !!! :)
Cute , Huh ???

Saturday, January 13, 2007


This morning we were all drawn down to the beach because a whale had washed ashore... Poor thing was so badly chewed up most likely by sharks.. It took all day for the crane to dig a huge hole to bury it in... Some people from Sea World came down to autopsy parts of the whale...By the time it was buried it was such an ugly site to see with its blubber all around... :(

Untimely as it may seem I had just taken fish out of the freezer for dinner... Oh Dear... Not a good night for seafood... !!

Friday, January 12, 2007

Looks Like This is My Next Project...

Fur Hats for The Childrens Hospital :)
This is from Mini's Blog explaining all about it...

Some of you Bostonians and New Englanders may know Childrens' Hospital Boston. and if you don't, just stop a random stranger on the street and ask them about it. A child they know went there, got treated, passed away, got cured... it's one of the best hospitals for children in the world. And they need our help. If you don't live here in Boston, be assured that Childrens' Hospital treats kids from all over the world and provides support to their families while they are undergoing treatment. It's an amazing place when you are sick child or if you have a sick child.There seems to be a ward of 10-16 year olds who are undergoing radiation and chemo for cancer and other life-threatening illnesses who need some hats. No, not just ANY HATS... they want the fun fur. Yup, I said it. FUN FUR. And they want a lot of it! Girls, boys... teens, preteens... all running around the wards at Childrens' Hospital with fun fur "hair"--- laughing, playing, raisin' hell.... sounds good, doesn't it?

So Here They are... My Two Scarves for the RED SCARF PROJECT ..

Now I just have to Tag them and send them off with my Love to The Orphan Foundation of America... :)
Red Scarf Project

Just finished Suzettas Condo Scarf Pattern and it was alot of FUN to make.... You can see below how I improvised my needles to do the job :)
It turned out to be about 64 inches long and 6 inches wide and nice and Fluffy..
On The Needles

Where there is a Will there is A Way :)
I really wanted to do this pattern of Suzettas and I did not have my BIG 35 needle with me.. You know .. The one that looks like the leg of a table :)
Anyway... I joined two # 17 needles together with a rubberband and I was on my way... It worked out VERY well .. I just used the point that sticks out further to pick up the yarn...And because it is sort of a flat needle that way.. The yarn didn't slide off like on the FAT round #35 needle :)..
So there you go knitters.. If you would like to try The Condo Scarf.. Give it a whirl like this.. Its Fast and Fun !!!
I used a double strand of Lion Brand Woolease in Red Sprinkles for this one...

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Isabella :)

Here is Isabella.. ( My GrandNiece.. :)
Remember during the Summer I made this beribboned Sweater and Hat to match for her Christening !!! Well .. Here she is now ..All grown up .. Isn't she just so CUTE !!! I want to squeeze the little dimples... BIG HUGS & KISSES To YOU ISABELLA..... XXOO

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Inside of The Sweater

OK .. I just jumped up and took a quick photo of the inside The Wrong Side of the sweater ... Pretty, Huh ? :)
Sweater Design

Just wanted to pop in and show you the design in a sweater I just started.. This is the Back that I am working on... Isn't it a cool pattern?? You should see the inside... I almost want to try and make it reversible... I'll have to take a pic of the inside so you can se !
I got the pattern from an Anny Blatt Book..It will be between and childs size 4-6... So this one is for Paige.. My Three Year Old Grandaughter :) " Hi Paigey" XXOO

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Six Weird Things About " ME " ??????? HUH ???

OK... So I stopped by to visit Shannon and low and behold I was "tagged" !!!
So you want to know 6 weird things about me ??? This is a tough one as there is absolutely nothing weird about me at all !!! Its true.... But don't ask Bob .. He might have a different opinion !!! :)
Let me see I'll have to really think hard to come up with something here:

1- When I have my Oatmeal in the morning it has to be with a particular spoon.. I have two of them which are a bit rounded in shape and don't you just know it.. Every morning when I go to eat Bob has used " MY SPOON" to stir his coffee !!! I have such a hard time finding it in the draw but he finds it all the time.... So now I put it in the fork section of the draw so he doesn't get it :)

2-I too always must close my closet door before I go to sleep... One never know what lurks behind those closed doors and I want to make sure it stays there!!!

3-I have a small glass of milk with a Stella Dora Breakfast treat 9:00 at night or I think I won't sleep well... And it MUST be a Stella Dora Breakfast treat.. anything else will keep me awake :)

4-I must leave the bedroom sliding door open a little.. even just a crack to let some air in or I get hot and stuffy and have nightmares !! And BOY do I hate those !! :(

5-I always "squint" my face when I am doing something... Ask my Daughter April.. She tells me to stop it all the time...LOL

6- OK Number 6.... I can't think of another weird thing about myself... LOL maybe someone can add it here for me ??? GRIN!!

OOPS Almost forgot to Tag 6 People !!
Donna... Calliope..Sharron(satalite beach)... Suzetta...Julie and Lisa consider yourselves
"Tagged" "
Ok... So I decided this morning to do something about my stash Overflow and disorganization of my yarn and " Stuff "..
I printed out the patterns from my knitting books of some of the things that I "plan" to make "soon".. Yeah Yeah.... So there are quite a few that I have in mind.. :)
Then I dragged out some of my yarn Again and put the yarn for each projects in a zippered sweater bag along with the pattern... For me this is much better because with all the stash I have shoved in my closet and along all the walls in bins in my bedroom :) ... Now I have some things all set up and ready to go without having to go through each batch of yarn...
Now I know I will be making a trip to the store to get more zipper bags so I can put more
" Projects To Go" in them but I am real happy with this plan right now.... Problem will be that I am going to want to Start most of them right away but thats OK too... As you might have guessed.. I also have a Needle Stash .. so that won't be a problem LOL
Who Knows... Maybe when I am about 105 I will have a goodly amount of my yarn stash used up... Then I can buy MORE !!! Grin !!!!!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Tahki Minnow Knits Dress

Finished The Little Cotton Dress and I am very pleased with the outcome :)

Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Just wanted to let you knitters .. crocheters and sewing Friends out there that Walmart is not putting Craft departments in there New Stroes.. And they are " shrinking" that Craft depts that they all ready have... Bummer, Huh ??
My Sister workes in the one here in Florida and this is what she told me... She said that we should all call.... 1-800 Walmart..... and COMPLAIN !!!
This stinks... I do get alot of craft things from Wallys... For my Seweing and knitting and beading, etc...
Go Ahead Everyone and make that Call !!!!!!

Its a New Year and here are some New Projects that I started .... of course I still have many other things working on needles but these are the newest additions :)
Minnow Knits Dress

This is a Cute Little Dress from Minnow Knits .. I am using that nice Tahki cotton yarn that I got on sale a few weeks ago.. Its so nice to knit with.....
Baby Multi

This is a nice pattern from a book called Fabulous Knits for the Beginner or something like that.. I don't have the book.. I just have this one pattern because I liked the design...I'm using one of the baby Soft Colors of Carons Simply Soft for this one.

THis one I really LOVE the pattern.. I don't know what Leisure Atrs Book it is from... I just got the pattern from one of the ladies in my KNit Group at Paneras... I LOVE to soft Fluffiness of this one... Its my Favorite right now :)
I'm using Pound of Love Yarn for this one !
Biscuit Blanket

This is My Biscuit Blanket which I got the pattern from HERE
Thank You Firefly for sharing this Lovely Pattern !
I made mine last week and made a coffee cake to bring to Our Friends for Dinner on New Years Day.. She loved the Blanket and it made a nice Dinner Gift ! Oh ... And the cake wasn't bad either !!! Much Better than My Oatmeal Brittle ... LOL.. See its not Hopeless for me yet.. I could still be Betty Crocker and Knit too... Ha Ha !!!!