Saturday, March 31, 2007

I did all The Seaming Last Night and
The Purple Sweater is Complete!!!!

This is My Grandaughter Paige who has been Happily wearing Grandmas Sweaters !!!
Hi Paige..... Big Hugs and Kisses from Grandma XXXXOOOO
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Friday, March 30, 2007

Looks Like its Time for a seaming party !!!!
This Sweater is for My Grandaughter Paige ...... I still have the bottonbands and the trim to do after I sew it together but I just wanted to let you know what Iwas working on this week!!
The yarn is a Reynolds..."Signature" It is wool and acrylic and it has different shades of purple through it as you can see :)
Finished Photo Coming Soon !!!!!!
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Saturday, March 24, 2007

I received this beautiful Knit Picks yarn and Pattern in the mail yesterday...
It was sent to me byKate....
Last Month I made some Fur Hats for the Children in the Cancer Hospital and Kate sent me this to Thank Me for making them....
She wrote a lovely note to go with it :

"Your individual contribution of your time, energy and talent did not go unnoticed ! The Kids have thoroughly enjoyed the hats.... and as one of the Child Life Specialists from The Floating Hospital :
"You provided these kids with something they don't often have: A Choice. They are taking so much time choosing and selecting their hats. Something so Simple, like picking the right hat to wear gives them a sense of control in a very uncontrollable situation.

:) Kate, Dan (PC) and of course, Pumpkin !
I did not expect anything except to know the Kids were having Fun with the Hats..
Thank You Kate and Bless Those Children !
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Sunday, March 18, 2007

I know !!! I know !!!! I know !!!! Its Too Cute, right? :)
I found this Little Bolero pattern in a Sirdar Book but I changed a few things around and came up with this !!!!
Its going to look adorable on "Little Penny" !!!
I used Bernart So Soft and trimed it with Lucci... a yarn I bought last year in the Yarn shop... The same one I made the TuTu out of a while ago !!
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Thursday, March 15, 2007

HELP... I can't get my Button in the sidebar???
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Bob found this Photo in a magazine that he was reading....
Anyone who visits us frequently would say this is Penny & Bob ( in a few years of course) !!!!!
The Title for the Article was " Clutter"... Ha.... Its NOT clutter .. its improtant " STUFF"..
I'm sure there is plenty of yarn hidden in there somewhere !!!!!
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Sunday, March 11, 2007

All this Talk about Eggs and Easter and Bunnies put me in the mood to make one !!
The pattern is from a Filatura DiCrosa Book..
I had one skein of Jaeger Merino just waiting to be a Bunny.. :)
I also finished three of the cable squares which are next to her !!
I'm not too sure just what I am going to do about the Cable Blanket..I am really not a "square" person and they are driving me nuts... I might just have to change "plans" for this Blanket...
I have several colors of the Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece and what comes to mind is maybe a log cabin blanket???
Or maybe just a simple diagonal with the colors changing????
Hummmmmmmmmm???????? Decisions... Decisions.. !!!!
And People think its EASY being Creative.. Ha !!!
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