Sunday, March 11, 2007

All this Talk about Eggs and Easter and Bunnies put me in the mood to make one !!
The pattern is from a Filatura DiCrosa Book..
I had one skein of Jaeger Merino just waiting to be a Bunny.. :)
I also finished three of the cable squares which are next to her !!
I'm not too sure just what I am going to do about the Cable Blanket..I am really not a "square" person and they are driving me nuts... I might just have to change "plans" for this Blanket...
I have several colors of the Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece and what comes to mind is maybe a log cabin blanket???
Or maybe just a simple diagonal with the colors changing????
Hummmmmmmmmm???????? Decisions... Decisions.. !!!!
And People think its EASY being Creative.. Ha !!!
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Isabelle aka Tricotine said...

Oh, what an adorable little bunny, Penny! :-)

I am not very good a square blankets either... unless the squares are all different in stitching... Good luck!

daverichards said...

you've got some cool ideas here...they sound really do keep up the work...and well for some really amazing stuff on Easter you can also visit my blog on Easter Greetings and check out all the wonderful stuff i've posted there!!!

kerlina said...

Cute side project. I don't like squares either even though I have a blanket of squares that I am working on! I tend to use it as a break between projects so I figure it will be finished by the time my daughter is 18!

Jules said...

I love these Penny! I envy your time & creative "juices".;)

Sylvie LG said...

What a pretty bunny-girl, Penny! ;)

Dipsy said...

My gosh, this bunny is so absolutely cute! What a fantastic idea for the yarn you had left - beautiful!

Lisa said...

Heya, Penny,
Such a cute bunny! Have you done many knitted toys? I have some patterns, well, lots of patterns( shhhh) for stuffed animals but haven't started any yet. Easy?