Friday, September 29, 2006

Blanket Construction

What the heck is it ????? LOL
Sort of looks like a Cows Utters, huh

Well.. I am working on a blanket with different colors that are being knitted in together..( not seperate squares )....I was getting all tangeled up in the different skeins so I made smaller skeins... Still it was not working out to my likeing...
Soooooooo I made each one into a ball big enough for each square ( I hope ) ..Then I went to my dresser , pulled out a pair of pantyhose and cut 6 pieces... Tied a knot at one end and put each ball in its own "stocking " The balls are center pull so they just lenghten while I am knitting.. The yarn is "hugged" in the stocking so it dosn't unravel..... and they Behave so Much better this way!!!
Now I am knitting along Happier than a Pig in Poop!!!!!

Thursday, September 28, 2006


This is a scarf that I just started ..Its a " holey"scarf as requested...
I have changed to several needles trying to get one that has a good point on it.. The stitch pattern is simple but you have to passover the stitches all throughout the scarf... The metal ones are too slippery... The plastic ones are good but no point.. the bamboo ones are great but no point.. Then tried the circulars... The denise have no point but work for the slipperyness of the yarn... So now I do the knit stitches and pick up the stitch with my fingers and pass it over... whew!!!! Wish I didn't trim my nails the other day !!!!
Anjd it has to be a scarf that is at least 5 feet long... :)
Loopy Sweater

I finally finished My Loopy Sweater which I started the back of it over a year ago.. This is the one which gave me a stitch marking problem on the back.. But I got it all fixed :)
The Loops are the things which drove me " Loopy" ... They just take time to make and I don't like to be " slowed down " when I am knitting :)
I have not had a chance to get the buttons yet but I m going for something plain.....
I don't remember who I started this sweater for but it will fit "Paige" pretty soon... Its a size 4-5 sweater and she is just over 3....
isn't it great that I have all different size Grandchildren so my works in progress usually fit one of them when I finally get around to completing it...

Thursday, September 21, 2006

My Sweater :)

What have I been doing this week........ you say ??????

I started this sweater/shrug/bolero thing for myself... The yarn I am using is nice and soft and aren't those colors Pretty ??
Its a Caron yarn called Shadows... I think I will have to go Grab myself a few more skeins of this stuff !!!
Uglies !!!

This is what happens when you leave a project on the needles for a year... gosh darn it...
See those little "uglies"
Later on I thought !!!!! " I should have uraveled the last 2 rows and reknit them and then those uglies would be GONE !!! Now its too late unless I undo the whole back... Look... It took me a year to get back to this and I only had a little bit of the back started... NOW you want me to undo it ??? Maybe I'll try dampening it and see what happens .. What do you think ????

So She continued on and these are the pieces that I have done...
The Back.. Two Fronts...
As you can see by the shape of it..this is a raglan sweater. I usually like to do them in one piece but for some reason I decided last year to start this one in pieces... Well... I'll see how I like it when its all finished...
The yarn here is Lion Brand Baby Soft... another one of my favorites... I just wish they would come out with some different colors.. I'm tired of the sport and DK weight yarns with all the pastel and "baby" colors... Maybe I should write to Lion Brand ??
I do hear from the grapevine that they are coming back with the Cottonease !!!! Dofferent colors they say .. ..
And I wonder if they will give us the same great yardage for the same great price $$$$$$
Guess we will find out soon enough....
Happy Knitting!!!

Monday, September 18, 2006

Kal Teddy

This is the Origional Teddy Sweater from the Kal I was doing CLIF Kal...
I had to make one because the sweater is just adorable ... It is an Origional Design by Vicki
who makes the most Beautiful Sweaters as you will see in her site...
Vicki also has another Group where you can see several of her other Knit Alongs....
Come and visit us at ColorHappy and join in the Fun .
I did ALMOST the same sweater with a few changes...
See Mine Below
Teddy Sweater Kal

My Teddy Sweater is the same pattern but I changed a few things to make it easier for me :)
The Body is different but everything else is the same :)
My Grandaughter...Paige... has a Teddy that she does not realy like but I think if she puts Grandmas Sweater on it... Then she will LOVE him :)

Friday, September 15, 2006

Annettes Blanket

Two Cornflower Blue Squares that I made to send to Knit2Btied for Annettes Blanket...
It is for a Comfortghan for a Neighbor whose Husband passed away suddenly... I hope that the Blanket will give her a bit of Comfort in knowing that people care and pray for her.

I made a Ribbed Hat to go with a scarf that I started last year and have to finish it up pretty SOON !!!! One of those unfinished WIPS just sitting around waiting to get my atention :)

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Corkscrew Hat

Just a Little Extra Hat I felt like making !
I wanted to try a Double roll bottom and this was the result... I just did two roll bottoms and then knitted them together and continued on with the hat... It made it a little more interesting and I think it looks very cute... To make the Corkscrews I used the directions from KnitNet

Sunday, September 10, 2006


Hi Little Hannah......

I got Hannah from next Door to try on My Hat ... The Sun is in her eyes and she wants her bottle.. But the hat fits her perfect and she is Five Months old....
THats Bob in the background picking weeds off our lawn... LOL

Hat of The Day is this one for a Baby Gift I need.. I wanted it to be about 6 month size and it is.. I thought it looked so big until Hannah was so kind to try it on for me :)
I used Simply Sof and a string yarn with dots of fuzzies on it.. Just knitted them together...
Its This Hat But without the topknot...

Saturday, September 09, 2006


I just made a Tangering Cable Hat to go with the Irish Hiking Scarf that I am working on :)

From Guaccamole to Tangerine... I really do Love some of the new Colors they are coming out with... Trouble is... They make me Hungry!!!

Upon getting requests for the Hat Pattern I figured I better post it in here somewhere..
The Pattern is adapted from the Bacic Cable Hat pattern found in Stitch N Bitch ... All you do is extend the cable length from 6 to 8 .. I think it was 8... However many rows there are in the irish Hiking Scarf Pattern... So when the hat pattern says to work 5 rows and do the crossover.. Don't.. Work 7 rows and do the crossover like the Irish H scarf.. Then on the last row just work 4 rows.... Got it ?? Clear as Mud, huh ???

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Take One !
OK... So its not that easy to take a picture of your own head !!!! But don't give up... After about 8 more takes I finally got the picture Below .....I don;t like photos of Myself... especially a close up .... Yikes... Its enough to make me want some botox or something !!!!!
Cable Hat
Head Shot of My Guacamole Cabled Hat................... I got this Great pattern from The Knitlist...... Its an Easy and FUN Hat to make.I did most of this last night while watching TV and finished it up the morning.. The yarn I used is the Red Heart Soft in guess what color ???? Yup.. You guessed it " Guacamole " It a color that either you really like or you really hate. I happen to like it so I hope who ever I give it to also likes it :) And it is Oh So Soft !!!!! I am planning to make a few more hats for this Winter....

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

I could not send this the usual way so I don't know if this will work... This is the second Challenge sweater completed :) Posted by Picasa

Monday, September 04, 2006

Challange #1 Finished

Its 7:00 PM Monday Evening and I have My Challenge #1 Completed :)
Sweater for Paige............ Phew
If it was not for this challenge of completing a Project.. I probably would not have finished it yet.. Instead I would have put it aside and started something else... Many times I was to the "boring" point and I was just itching to pick up a different project but I continued on and I am Glad I did... and I am sure Paige is Happy I did also :)

Challenge #2

This is Challenge #2 as of 7:00 PM Monday evening ... I started this Sweater at least Two Years ago so it was time I picked it up again don't ya think !!!
I did not have the pattern so I just started working on it with my own ideas...
I had to finish the front V Neck and redo the collar on the back of the neck.. Then I joined the shoulders with my favotite join... The Three needle Bind Off...
Next was to decide on the sleeves... I chose to do one with a Little Ruffle at the cuff...
The yarn is Plymouth Colorspun DK Yarn that I bought at a Smileys Hotel Sale ... Ohhhhh It has to be about Three Years ago.... I still have a bag of it in Blues which I am "thinking" of using very soon ...
So tonight I will work on the second sleeve and this will also be Finished... Hooray!!!!
I am so Glad we had this Challenge because it made me "stick to my guns" and get these two Sweaters Done !!!! Clapping Hands
Thanks Kelle !!!!!

Friday, September 01, 2006

Challenge #1
Its supposed to be a Long and Rainy Weekend starting tonight.....Rainy So we are having a little challenge to see how many things we can finish up during this time... My first Challenge will be to complete this Sweater I am making for my Three Year Old grandaughter... Paige... This is a top down cardigan from Cabin Fever called Tashas Cardi (or something like that)... I am using Red Heart Wiggles Yarn and it is really cute and soft....After I finish this project I will post Challenge # 2.... Maybe also 3 ??? Ha .. I really have high hopes of doing Nothing except Sittin and Knittin ... :)