Friday, September 01, 2006

Challenge #1
Its supposed to be a Long and Rainy Weekend starting tonight.....Rainy So we are having a little challenge to see how many things we can finish up during this time... My first Challenge will be to complete this Sweater I am making for my Three Year Old grandaughter... Paige... This is a top down cardigan from Cabin Fever called Tashas Cardi (or something like that)... I am using Red Heart Wiggles Yarn and it is really cute and soft....After I finish this project I will post Challenge # 2.... Maybe also 3 ??? Ha .. I really have high hopes of doing Nothing except Sittin and Knittin ... :)


Janet said...

I love this baby sweater :) I wish I had some babies to knit for.
Can't wait to see it done.

Lucy said...

Same in Pennsylvania! Weekends like this are fun tho!