Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Here The Colors are Better :)

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

So Here is The Sweater that I have been designing!!! I am very pleased with the results of my endeavor.. :)
The Yarn is Welcomme... La Serpentine... It was knit on a size #3 Needle ..
The yarn is a Fine Cotton...
It is a light pink color with grey spots here and there in the yarn...I was anxious to knit it up as see how it looked in the knitted fabric..
The Sweater is about a 12 -18 Months size...
The Back is the same as the front except without the button bands...
This was a Great Experience for me in Designing from Scratch..
Before you ask.... No... I did not write down all the directions.. I tried to do it as I went along but it just got crazy... I will try VERY hard the next time to write better notes!!! :)

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Monday, February 18, 2008

This is a Little Sweater that I am in the process of designing myself...
So far I am liking the outcome... It is a Light cotton in pink and it has spots of grey in it...
I started this mostly because I wanted to see how the yarn knitted up and then I just sort of went with the flow in my head...LOL....
I don't think you can see in this photo but it has a bell bottom edge and the bodice is done in a Lattice Pattern.... I am working on the front now.. It will be a Cardigan and if all goes well it should work out to be about a 12 to 18 Month size... Which will just happen to be about Samanthas size when I get done :)
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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Samantha is wearing for the first time one of The Asian Sweaters that I made....
There is One for MaMa .. One for Samantha and One for Penny...
April was going to wait until she went to China to get "Penny" but I said she should wear them now... Maybe it will be like a "Good Luck Omen" and Penny will know we are waiting for her...
She sure looks Happy to be wearing it !!! :)

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Thursday, February 14, 2008


Aww.. Samantha got Her Valentine on Valentines Day !!!! Boy.. THat was fast service from The Post Office.. Thank You !!!!
She sent me this Photo to Thank me !! Awwwwwwwwww
"Your are Welcome My Little Valentine!!!! XXXXOOOOO"
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I wanted to show you some of the Great Deals I got this week at Thrift Stores and Garage Sale..
I have this Readers Digest Book in NY so now I have another one for here in Florida.. It was only $1.00.. and The Old Progressive Knitting Book was only 50 cents... How could I not???
The Walking Foot and The 1/4 inch seam foot for my sewing machine was only 50 cents for the Both of them :)

Fabrics... 2 yards of white linen @ 75 Cents...
4 Yards of Muslin @ 45 Cents
1 Yard of Blue & Yellow @ 50 Cents
Nice Pottery Barn Towel which I will embroider on @ 25 Cents
Tear Away Graph Canvas for Cross stitch, embroidery, etc @ 25 Cents....

The Adorable Baby Cross Stitch ( To Do) was only 99 Cents !!!

And... This Huge 2 pounds 11 ounces of wool to Play with :).. Wahoooooooooooo !!!

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Happy Valentine"s Day

Hey !!! Grammie made it in time for Valentines Day !!!! :) This is the Plain White Blanket with a Big Red Heart in the middle that My Daughter asked me for a few weeks ago.. No Borders .. No Fancy Trims ... Just a Simple But Cute Snuggle Up for Samantha made with Lots of Love !!!! I used Carons Simply Soft which I had in My Stash.. Yippee.. No buying more yarn for this project!!!
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Saturday, February 09, 2008

I am also dabbling in some "quilting" ... I started out wanting to do a "SIMPLE" quilt with just different squares... Then I needed some colored squares.... Then I added more colors.... Then I liked the squares in " Frames".... Then I tried it with "sashing" and without "sashing".... Then I tried it with little colored corners or without the colored corners..... yatta yatta yatta....
Now My Simple and Fast Little Quilt has become a Major Project!!! Oh Dear.. Whats a Crafter do do????
MORE CRAFTS.. I Guess !!!
I also bought a cute Brand New cross stitch Baby Quilt that I just had to find in a second hand store... So I have visions of doing some needlework.... Plus I already have some cross stitch that I just HAVE to do some more work on...
I am Thinking that maybe I can work out some sort of Craft Schedule.. Like Monday ( Needlework)... Wednesday Knitting.. Thats when our Knit Group Gathers).. and Friday ( Sewing)...
Then the other days are open to whichever project I want to work on... At least then I will get moving on some of those neglected crafts... Hum... Sounds like Good Plan, Right???

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Now.. Who said I was an Obsessive Knitter ???
I have always loved the colors of the tiles in Paneras Ladies Room and want to knit a sweater with the same colors...Last week I took my camera into the room and snapped a few photos...
At the same time I was chuckling about what the Lady in the stall next to me must have been thinking when she kept seeing the flashes going off... LOL.. I got out of there before she came out and saw who it was... <>The greens didn't show up too well but they sort of a light and dark sage color...

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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

China and Booties Update...
April is still waiting for Our "Penny" from China... It seems that China has delayed the adoptions and we are not expecting Penny untill 2009..
April got word that it is very Cold in China now and the babies could use those booties to keep warm... So April got them all packed and bought a bunch of Baby Hats .. Some Tylenol infant drops, tylenol flu medicine and some vick rub and added them to the Package... It was $63.00 to mail it to China but she wanted the Babies to have now and not to wait until she can go there...
She mailed them all to the Orphanage that she thought was the coldest and needed them the most..... We hope this makes the babies a litttle more comfortable .. I'm certain they will feel all the love you ladies put into making all those booties... I think April said there were about 130 of them...
Thank You All and Lets Pray that "Penny" gets here as soon as possible!!!

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Some of The Fun we had while My Daughter and Family were visiting!!!
We went to Epcot at Disney and we went to Our Local Zoo here in Brevard County Florida..
We sure did have a wonderful visit and I miss them alot!!!

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In the few days that they were here I had time to teach Samantha to say "O"oooooooo.. Because her little mouth looks so cute in a circle...LOL
I also taught her to say " Grandma" which she says " RaRa".... Funny because thats what My Kids called My Mom when they were little...

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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Samantha was here visiting her Grammie last week.... We had Such a Fun Time !!! She is getting soooo Big and She Loves Her Grammie and Her Grammie Loves Her!!!!:) :) :)
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Here is a Photo of My Next Grandchild who will be making a Grand Entrance in May ...
Now.. Should I be Knitting Blue Baby Things or Pink Baby Things??? Can you tell ???
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Here We Are... Some of Our EuGaulie Panera Knitters..
This is a few weeks ago when we went on a Shopping and Lunch Trip to Orlando and went to the
Sip N Knit Yarn Shop.. As you can guess.. We had a Great Day!!!

And I could not resist making Friends with This Cute Little Fellow..
Hummm??? Looks like he is wanting me to get off.. LOL
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