Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Lacy Baby Dress

Progress on My Amazing Lace Project as of today :)
Here is a quick shot .. remember it still has to be blocked..
I was almost done with the front and came out very short on my stitch count :(... So I had to frog it back to the waisteline.... Now I'll redue the top of the front... Sew the shoulder seams... Block it and then make the sleves.. !!!
I have really stuck to my guns on trying to get this finished even tho my mind keeps wandering on to other projects..... The temptation is almost overwelming.. ha ! Nervous 2

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

So... Our Two Day Stress Test is over for this Season... Thats the Drive from Florida to New York ... Its not one of my Favorite things to do :(
I am a terrible.. nervous passenger... Ask Bob.. He'll tell you... LOL

Anyway.. I got some of what I call " STAK" done... (" Stay Awake.. Nervous.. Knitting " :)
I finished the back of Natalies purple sweater... I'll post a picture soon..
And I did some of my Lacy Baby Dress.... It is really turning out nice !
I have been working my buns off since Sunday trying to clean and dust and get things in order around here... I'm even too pooped to take pictures of my project progress...
Tomorrow..... Tomorrow...... " Its Only A Day Away" !!! :)

I guess my blood has turned into Florida temperature because I have been sooooooooooooooo COLD since we got back... I have been sleeping in my Long Flannel P.J.'s and have 4 blankets on me... When I try to roll over the blankets are so heavy!!! LOL..Bob is not as cold as I am so I guess I am just more " Fragile" :)

The weatherman is promising warmer weather on its way... Some Rain too.. But warmer :)

Friday I have a day planned with two of my Knitting Pals to go to Smileys in Jamica...
The Temptation will be overwelming I am sure but I hope to just get some Baby Yarn that I want for a few Baby things that I have planned... If I only bring a certain amoust of $$$$$ then thats all I can spend because Smileys does not take Credit Cards in the Store !! OK.. Thats My Plan then !!!!
Happy Knitting!!!

We arrived back in new York this weekend after our Winters Stay in Florida... As you can see .. We are in the usual New York Traffic.... This was the most traffic we had in two days :)
Looking straight ahead you can see the Empire State Building.. It looks tiny in this photo bit I think you can see it...
New York... New York

Here in this Photo you can see the New Building... The Tall one that is actially triangle shaped and Glassy looking!
Its still not the Old New Your Skylite..
Missing The Twin Towers

Monday, May 22, 2006

There Go My Buttons Again ???!!!!

Today most of my Buttons fell down to the bottom of this page.. Does anyone know the reason or How I can fix it ???

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

I Just LOVE This Painting !!!!

Birthday Card :) Yesterday.. May 15th was My Birthday and here is one of the Birthday Cards I got via email from My Grandchildren in Buffalo :)

Aren't they Cute :) How about Little Paige with that darn " Binky" in her mouth... She reminds me of her Auntie April :)
Projects of The Week !!!

These are the Three Projects that I am working on at the moment... Its just too hard for me to stay on one project at a time... :)
First Try
This is the First attempt at making My Lacy Baby Diana Dress...
As you can see in the photo below I was somehow forgetting to do the scallop design every 7th row...
So I frogged it and started over again.. Hopefully I am on the right track now...
I am doing this project for The Amazing Lace Kal....
Amazing Lace Kal
Now This is the way the Dress pattern was supposed to look..
Don't go telling me that you like the first one better because I am not frogging it AGAIN.... :)
It really is a dainty looking pattern in person..
Come On Over... I'll show you :)
Multidirectional Scarf.......................... My First attempt at the multidirectional scarf.... It is an interesting pattern but one that I have to make sure I am on the right row at all times... I had to do the first triangle twice because I was " talking" and miss counted my rows... :(
But it is coming out nice now and I am already "Thinking" Baby Blanket... So I guess that is where this multidirectionaal road is going to take me eventually... On the Road to Making a Multidirectional Baby Blanket :)
You can join this group at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/multidirectional/
Natalies Sweater.................. Take a look at the right front of the sweater on the bottom...
I restarted this half using yarn that I had started a part of the sweater with weeks ago but ripped it out because it was the wrong size that I was doing... Anyway when I rewound it the yarn had little " curlys" in it.. Then when I did the front it shows up "funny" in the knitting...
I saw it right away but I thought that after a while it would conform to the fabric...
However as you can see .. its still there... Do you think that if I steamed it lightly it would smooth out that spot there???
Or do you have any other suggestions besides redoing the WHOLE half of the front... No.. No Don't say that.. I want to get this sweater done already!!!!
RAIN in The Horizon ???????................. Looking out this morning I could see rain on its way... We desperately need some rain here in Florida to help get some of the fires out.... The ground is so dry that they just can not get them stopped... The air is filled with smoke and you can smell it... We live quite a way from it .. so I can imagine how awful it must be for the people who are right near it... RAIN... RAIN..... Pour Down on Your People!!!! :)

Friday, May 12, 2006

Hummmmmmmm???? It looks as tho Now I have Lost My Buttons.. I don't see them on the sidebar..... Oh Gosh... This Blogging can be frustrating... humpf !!!!

Well... Anyway.. Today I stopped at a Local Second Hand store and look what I got fo $4.00..
Wahoooooooo.... 2 Kitchen Cottons...
1 Peaches N Cream..... 3 Saucy Sport.. 1 Santos Aran... and a Pink Pound of Love...
Knit Book.. Cross Stitch Book because I love the cover stitch...
and 4 see thru zipper case to put my Knit tools in .. One for each project bag...
Pretty Good Deal... huh ? :)
Last night I discovered that I was doing something wrong in my lacy dress design... so I ripped it out back to the 6th row..... Then I decided that it was coming out way to WIDE for the size dress that I wanted..
This is an older pattern and it calls for Botney Win-Sport.. 7 stitches =1inch on #4 needles..
Well.. I am using J&P Coats Luster sheen cotton thread and I thought it would be thin enough but why does it look so wide...
So I FROGGED the whole thing this morning..
Then I did a swatch.. yes, you heard me.. I DID A SWATCH... now this is something that I very rarely do... Anyway... I did one with a #3 needle and one with a #2 needle and they BOTH came out the same... Now.. What is the purpose of a SWATCH ???? I still have to "guess" which needle to use now... So they both look like 7 stitches to the inch... Now that means the dress should come out the correct size this time... RIGHT?????
Well... This is my venture for this evening.... I'll be starting My Amazing Lace all over again from the beginning.... Wish me Luck !!!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

I joined the Amazing Lace KAL and this is what I will be making.....
It is the Lacy Baby Diana Dress That I started a while ago and never got back to it.. I only did a few inches so this is a great opportunity for me to get it done :)
I am using Buttercup Yellow baby cotton.....
Its such a pretty dress and I am glad to get it going again !!!
Kniting On for the Amazing Lace Team .....................
My Birthday is May 15th

How do you like my New " Nicole" Birthday Shoes :)
Aren't they cute ?
I got them delivered by the UPS Guy just a while ago..
They are from My Grandchildren in Buffalo........
Boy... Do they know how to treat Grandma right !!!!

Thank You Allie, Will, Natalie, Thomas and Paige :) XXXXXOOOOO
They are so cute and comfy... I LOVE them :)

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Well.. Stupid is as Stupid does..... :)
Here is My Dashboard....
Low and Behold it did not dissapear!!!!

OK.. So what happened I don't know but somehow I signed on as the user with one letter off on my name :(
Oh Boy... " Banging my head against the wall" How Stupid is THAT ??? :)
So here I am... Guess I can just forget abut the other blog and continue along on my origional.. Well.. Thats as long as I don't forget my name again :)

So.. Here I am Back in the Blogging World.. All is well again :)

I'm working on the purple sweater for my Granddaughter Natalie.... I started it along with several other projects a while ago and now I picked it up again... I did the two front pieces and now I am working my way up the " boring" back :)
Lets hope I can keep myself from working on another UFO before I finish this one :)

Monday, May 08, 2006

Cotton Dress

Friday, May 05, 2006

Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Here is a bit of Sumshine from Sunnyland Florida :)
I knitted up this washcloth for a Friend of mine today.. Isn't she cute :) LOL
Notice I said " she " :)

I just ran out on the balcony to snap a picture of the Beautiful Sunset!!!

Sundown........ 7: 52.................

Time for Mr Moon :)

Monday, May 01, 2006

Little Penny's Loungers

Well.. This is one of my Favorite now!!! :)

I am calling these .. Little Penny's Loungers!!!! They are made from Red Heart Teri yarn and they are so soft and cozy!!!
Pattern ??? Well.. No Not really.... I made the pants up myself and the top is on the same line as the Cutie Patootie Top...
I think my Daughter will really like this little number... :)