Thursday, May 11, 2006

My Birthday is May 15th

How do you like my New " Nicole" Birthday Shoes :)
Aren't they cute ?
I got them delivered by the UPS Guy just a while ago..
They are from My Grandchildren in Buffalo........
Boy... Do they know how to treat Grandma right !!!!

Thank You Allie, Will, Natalie, Thomas and Paige :) XXXXXOOOOO
They are so cute and comfy... I LOVE them :)


Terry said...

I love them!!!!! Wha-Hooooooo!!!!

Donna said...

In case I forget to say it on Monday! Happy Birthday to you! And the sandals are just too cute!

Sue said...

Wow! My birthday is also May 15th!
My kids and grandkids are coming to our house on Saturday to celebrate both Mother's Day and my birthday. Should be wild and crazy and fun. Both of my daughters knit, also, so we'll be comparing projects, etc. Happy Birthday to you on Monday.