Monday, May 22, 2006

There Go My Buttons Again ???!!!!

Today most of my Buttons fell down to the bottom of this page.. Does anyone know the reason or How I can fix it ???


Sue said...

I'll see if I can help. If one of your posts is too wide, it will push all of your sidebar stuff down. Also, when I scrolled down your blog, I see that you have a very wide section by the blog rings. I think that this needs to be as narrow as everything else on the side bar so it will come up to join the rest at the top. Hope this helps. I had to play around with this myself until I figured out what was happening. Now, every time I post, I check to see that it's not pushing my buttons down. If it is, I make the post narrower by resizing the picture and words. When I add something to my side bar, I also check my blog right away and if their being pushed down, I go back into blogger and edit the side bar and make what I just put in narrower. Good luch!

Beth said...

That would happen to me... usually I screwed up a table tag.