Friday, May 12, 2006

Last night I discovered that I was doing something wrong in my lacy dress design... so I ripped it out back to the 6th row..... Then I decided that it was coming out way to WIDE for the size dress that I wanted..
This is an older pattern and it calls for Botney Win-Sport.. 7 stitches =1inch on #4 needles..
Well.. I am using J&P Coats Luster sheen cotton thread and I thought it would be thin enough but why does it look so wide...
So I FROGGED the whole thing this morning..
Then I did a swatch.. yes, you heard me.. I DID A SWATCH... now this is something that I very rarely do... Anyway... I did one with a #3 needle and one with a #2 needle and they BOTH came out the same... Now.. What is the purpose of a SWATCH ???? I still have to "guess" which needle to use now... So they both look like 7 stitches to the inch... Now that means the dress should come out the correct size this time... RIGHT?????
Well... This is my venture for this evening.... I'll be starting My Amazing Lace all over again from the beginning.... Wish me Luck !!!

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Donna said...

Penny, if you look at the word"last" in this post, it is sticking out into the sidebar quite possibly causing all your buttons to show up at the bottom of your page. Scroll down to the bottom of this page and there are all your buttons!!!!!!!! Adjust where the word "last" is by moving it to the next line of text and republish your blog. I'll bet it will go back to normal!