Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Well.. Stupid is as Stupid does..... :)
Here is My Dashboard....
Low and Behold it did not dissapear!!!!

OK.. So what happened I don't know but somehow I signed on as the user with one letter off on my name :(
Oh Boy... " Banging my head against the wall" How Stupid is THAT ??? :)
So here I am... Guess I can just forget abut the other blog and continue along on my origional.. Well.. Thats as long as I don't forget my name again :)

So.. Here I am Back in the Blogging World.. All is well again :)

I'm working on the purple sweater for my Granddaughter Natalie.... I started it along with several other projects a while ago and now I picked it up again... I did the two front pieces and now I am working my way up the " boring" back :)
Lets hope I can keep myself from working on another UFO before I finish this one :)


Becky said...

Yeah! What a relief. I really enjoy seeing all your beautiful knits. I'd hate to see your archives disappear.

Mandy said...

Yeah!! I am glad that you figured it out! Now if we can just figure out why all my promts and dashboard are in german and how to get it back to english! Glad your back!!