Tuesday, July 25, 2006


I finished this sweater yesterday !
This is for My Newest Grandaughter who we are waiting for... She is coming to us from China..
As you can see.. her name is Penny... :)
I used Simply Soft Yarn in Papaya color and started with a Sirdar Pattern from Aran Knits Book.. But then changed it to my own thing because I did not want raglan sleeves..

Thursday, July 20, 2006


Three of The Projects that I am playing with this week...
The top one is The 10 Hour Adult Sweater being created in Homespun.. I had so many skeins of this color because it was on sale last year for $2.00 a piece.. So naturally I bought all that was there... So far I made two Capelets and this Sweater...
I did the five hour baby sweater years ago when I first started knitting... I liked it very much so I thought I would give the Adult one a try... I have to do a bit of adjusting in the pattern because the finished size says 42 or something and I am about a small to medium... I'll let you know how I make out..

The one on the left is a Baby Sweater in the making in Papaya color of Simply Soft... I started with a Sirdar Pattern but ended up changing it because I did not want a raglan sweater.. I wanted set in sleeves.. So this will be another half pattern/ half mine :)

And then there is the Hiking Scarf.. Its growing... Slowly but I do like the pattern very much... Once I spend more time on it.. It will go faster... But then ..Whats the hurry??? I'm only going to start something else when thats almost done :)

Sunday, July 16, 2006


Today was the First of our 90 + degree week so I sat in the yard under the tree and started The Irish Hiking Scarf...
I guess because I only have about 10 ??? projects on needles I needed something New to do :)
Ohhhhhhh Come on.. You know how it is.. Your bored with the projects you are doing and you want to see how the yarn is going to look in another project...so.. What the heck.. Whats one more ................. :)
So I like the way it is going.. I wasn't sure about the color but its a nice Fall looking color, don't ya think??? It is actually called tangerine but it looks deeper than that... Whoever I give it to will have a nice Harvest looking Scarf !!!! :)

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Mistakes ??? :(

I wanted to make this picture smaller so you could not see all my mistakes but here it is.. Mistakes and all...
But thats OK.. I still LOVE the way this shawlette fits and feels and when I do another one.. That one will be PERFECT !!!

I REALLY like the way this fits.. And I love the feel of the yarn...
I used Cascade Yarns... Bollicine " Dolly"..
I know I will be making another one of these :)
It sort of "HUGS" your shoulders so that it will not fall off...
You can put a nice pin as a closure at the bottom also :)
The Pattern is Sweet Somethings From IK Summer 2006.. and it is on line

Friday, July 14, 2006

I made this sweater last Summer but I just recently send it to My Daughter and she Loved it...
I designed this sweater from a shawl...
It came out so pretty.. I wonder if I would be able to duplicate it...
I think I need some sort of a recorder so I can dictate my patterns as I go along!!!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Kniting and Keeping Cool !!!

Whew !!!!!
All I can say is it too Darn HOT to do anything except for Sittin and Knittin !!!! * Grin*

Monday, July 10, 2006


I got past the Problem on Row 7... Turns out it was not the pattern of course... It was
The " KNITTER"..................... :)
It still takes me a long time to work on it.. Each row is different and sometimes I miss something somewhere and have to Rip it out... I'll do a few rows and pull out a few rows...LOL
But its such a pretty pattern and I love the yarn and the color...
This is my " Brain " wracking week I guess... I have a few things working which are " lacy" patterns.... Soon I will have to go back to the " mindless" knitting before I loose My Mind in these lace directions !
Mary.. Are you going to join me in this venture ?????

Sunday, July 09, 2006


Has anyone tried the Shawlette from IK Summer ???
I picked up this lovely soft yarn and wanted to make this shawlette but now on Row 7 I am having a problem with the 19 st pattern.. I have 20 sts ?????????
I am going to look and see if there is an errata page for this pattern.
I put it aside because I am not feeling well today and could not deal with the problem :(
Maybe Tomorrow !
Cotton Top

Because I had a problem with the shawlette pattern I decided to cast on something else...
This is a cotton top which will be for " Me"... Now isn't that nice ? Its going along pretty well..
This is the beginning of the back of it.

Finished The Pair of UGH's.........:)
I just LOVE them now that I decided to put a little tie on them..
For those of you who have already made them and also think they are Big... Just do the same.. They look so cute this way :)

Saturday, July 08, 2006

UGH Bootie

The UGH Bootie :)
It came out larger than I wanted and I did the small size using the same yarn they called for.. The Berocco Suede... It is actually a pretty Orange color.
I think if you were to follow the pattern for a pair...... You should try using a smaller needle than a 5..................... If I do another pair that is what I will do.
I started and almost finished the second one today in the Laundromat !
They really are so cute !

Friday, July 07, 2006

Eskimo Booties

I don't know if you remember The Eskimo Sweater that I made a while back...
It is down some where in one of the other posts here ..

Anyway.. These are Booties to go with it...
Its a different Aran yarn because the yarn for the sweater is in My Florida Stash ... :)
But I think they will be alright !
I had a hard time trying to take a photo of these little guys... I don't know if it is the color or what but all the pictures were so Bright and I had to keep taking more... But you can see them pretty good in this one..
More Booties !!! I am about to cast on another pair... I guess I am on a " Bootie" Kick this week !
" Shake Your Bootie" * Grin*

Monday, July 03, 2006

Cute ???

Now Look How Cute This Little Sock came out !!!

Whikle I was sitting in the Waiting Room "Waiting" for Bob to finish his stress test this morning I finished my baby Sock !!!
When we went back in the Afternoon for the second half of the test..I started the second one :)

He Finished the test O.K. and I finished My Sock :)

I finished The Pair :)

Sunday, July 02, 2006


So What am I doing now ???
Well.. I decide to finally do this sock pattern that I wanted to try for a while..
yesterday I casted on and knit about 30 rows and decided it was too big.. I used a bigger needle becuse the pattern said it was a 6 month size and I wanted a 12 month size...
The first attempt came out too BIG.. so I "frogged it"
Then came the second try with a needle smaller.. Nope... Still too BIG !!!!
I refused to abandon ship... So This morning I casted on again in the needle size which was suggested in the pattern... :)
It still seems big but I'm going to finish it like this...The sock is inside-out right now but I just wanted to show you How I spent my Afternoon...
Sitting in My Yard and knitting this Sock !!!

But.. Lesson learned : This is the first time I did a provisional cast on.... I Loved it :)

A Little TuTu for Special A Little Baby Girl :)

Isn't it just adorable :)
You can find the pattern in a little Book " Filatura DiCrosa Baby"

Another Version of The Beribboned Baby Sweater.........
This is a Fun Pattern to make....
This is the Third one for me so far !
My Buttons

Check Out the Crochet Buttons that I made to match the sweater :)
My Friend Mary taught me these Buttons when she came to visit me one day while I was sick in Florida...
We sat on the Balcony and made Buttons.. Thanks Mary :).. Miss ya!!!!