Sunday, July 02, 2006


So What am I doing now ???
Well.. I decide to finally do this sock pattern that I wanted to try for a while..
yesterday I casted on and knit about 30 rows and decided it was too big.. I used a bigger needle becuse the pattern said it was a 6 month size and I wanted a 12 month size...
The first attempt came out too BIG.. so I "frogged it"
Then came the second try with a needle smaller.. Nope... Still too BIG !!!!
I refused to abandon ship... So This morning I casted on again in the needle size which was suggested in the pattern... :)
It still seems big but I'm going to finish it like this...The sock is inside-out right now but I just wanted to show you How I spent my Afternoon...
Sitting in My Yard and knitting this Sock !!!

But.. Lesson learned : This is the first time I did a provisional cast on.... I Loved it :)


cathych said...

what a cute sock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ann said...

Baby feet DO grow!

roseygirl said...

this is so cute and I love the colors very pretty.