Friday, July 07, 2006

Eskimo Booties

I don't know if you remember The Eskimo Sweater that I made a while back...
It is down some where in one of the other posts here ..

Anyway.. These are Booties to go with it...
Its a different Aran yarn because the yarn for the sweater is in My Florida Stash ... :)
But I think they will be alright !
I had a hard time trying to take a photo of these little guys... I don't know if it is the color or what but all the pictures were so Bright and I had to keep taking more... But you can see them pretty good in this one..
More Booties !!! I am about to cast on another pair... I guess I am on a " Bootie" Kick this week !
" Shake Your Bootie" * Grin*


Anonymous said...

Those are even cuter than the socks! Baby things are so much fun to knit.

sibtigre2 said...

How cute!! I love them!

Donna said...

These are really cute and I remember the sweater so they will go perfectly! What pattern did you use for the booties??