Monday, July 10, 2006


I got past the Problem on Row 7... Turns out it was not the pattern of course... It was
The " KNITTER"..................... :)
It still takes me a long time to work on it.. Each row is different and sometimes I miss something somewhere and have to Rip it out... I'll do a few rows and pull out a few rows...LOL
But its such a pretty pattern and I love the yarn and the color...
This is my " Brain " wracking week I guess... I have a few things working which are " lacy" patterns.... Soon I will have to go back to the " mindless" knitting before I loose My Mind in these lace directions !
Mary.. Are you going to join me in this venture ?????


Anonymous said...

It looks good so far! I know what you mean about the pattern though. I find that I can't get into a groove quickly with new lace projects because I'm always double checking each line thinking something my change without warning in the pattern and it really makes it go slow at first.

Claudia said...

Wow, that's SO pretty! Great job!

Oceana said...

Oooh, it came out sooo nice. Yup, the pattern is printing as I write.