Sunday, July 09, 2006


Has anyone tried the Shawlette from IK Summer ???
I picked up this lovely soft yarn and wanted to make this shawlette but now on Row 7 I am having a problem with the 19 st pattern.. I have 20 sts ?????????
I am going to look and see if there is an errata page for this pattern.
I put it aside because I am not feeling well today and could not deal with the problem :(
Maybe Tomorrow !


Vis2vas said...

Sorry you're ill, Penny :-(
Thanks for your comments in my blog ! The pattern for the pink jacket is under progress. I am writing while knitting :-) But I am also sick these days, so everything is going slow...
Have a great summer ! Hugs from Vig in Norway

Donna said...

Such a pretty color! I love all shades of blue especially the cornflower, light, and baby blues! It will be so lovely when it is finshed!