Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Bobble Set

Monday, August 28, 2006


My Baby Bobbles Butterfly Sweater is Finished :).....
Its a Fun Sweater to knit...
But Wait!!!!! I'm not Done.... !!!

I am now working on My Baby Bobbles Butterfly Bottoms :)
Soon to be shown ...LOL

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Baby Bobbles

This is a sweater I started this week... Again .. I am in the green color scheme... This one is a very light sage color I think and a thinner yarn...
It is from a French book and on the pattern it says..
Un apre's- midi

So if someone can translate that for me.. You will know what the pattern is called I guess... hey Isabelle... Are you there for a translation ??? :)

It has little eyelets at the bottom which will be sewn down to form a picot edge along the bottom of the sweater.. There are also little "Bobbles" on each little eyelet pattern throut the sweater...
Tonight I'll work on the sleeves :)

Look How Pretty and Happy My Flowers were this Morning!!!!
I just had to take a picture because they were just smiling so hard at me :)

Friday, August 18, 2006


Finished My Ten Hour Sweater :)
I don't know how many hours it took me because I did not time it and I was working on it along with so many other projects... But anyway... I did complete yet another UFO (unfinished object) for those people who do not know "knit talk " :)
I used Homespun which I just love the coziness of when its on and I made it a bit smaller than the directions and I did a sort of picot Bind Off because I wanted a little stretch.. and I made it long sleeves which I did a little decreasing on and I did a seed stitch cuff.. :) Other than that.. I think its like the directions... :)

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Lacy Sweater

Oh Boy!!!!! I struggled with the sleeves on this Little Devil for so long... I think I ripped them out 5 times just trying to get the design to line up correctly... No No...It wasn't going to happen.. Then I wrote to Maggies Rags and they sent me extra directions for the size 18 months that I was working on.. I then tried to follow those directions and still it would not work out...
I was determined to do this sweater because I had the collar ( yoke) all done and that was a challenge in itself with little cables on it...
So I stopped at My LYS and Karen tried to figure out the chart and even she could not quite get it ot work out the way it was written ... But she gave me a few suggestions...
I tried it again and disregarded all that Maggies Rags had sent me.. Figured the design out the way I thought it should line up and HOORAY.. It finally worked out!!! Whew !!!
This Tiny Little Sweater almost got the Best of me but my perseverance took over and won !!!!
Now On To My Next Adventure !!!! Hopefully this one is a little less challenging!!! My Brain can't handle this overload!!!!

I am adding a post here...............
OK... I want to say that the pattern wasn't as bad as I make it sound :(
... It is actually a really cute sweater and I am very Happy with the outcome... The only difficult part was trying to get the sleeve pattern lined up but once that happened for me.. The rest was smooth sailing!!!
I don't want to discourage anyone from doing this pattern because now that it is finished I am very satisfied with the way it looks and so whats a little challenge anyway.. It keeps the brain cells working, right :)
Maybe you will not have as much difficulty with lining up the sleeves as I did .... I am told that it is just a problem for the 18 month size...
So........ Go Ahead.. Give this Cute Little Sweater a Try...
You will Love it when it is completed
and the recipient will Cherish it!!!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Chiffon Sacs

Look at these Cute Little Chiffon Sacs that Judy from http://www.fabulousyarn.com/ sent me....
I will be putting a pair of Booties in each for the Adopting Parents Gift ...
What a terrific idea Judy... :)
I just can not Thank You enough Judy for your Help... I am overwelmed by your generosity of the yarn and the sacs and the pattern for this Bootie Project...
My Daughter is very excited to bring them to China and she also Thanks You So Very Much !!!
Grass Boots

LOL.. I used some cute green textured yarn for these booties...
They look like Little Grass Boots :)

Monday, August 07, 2006

More Booties

I'm on # 15 :)

Saturday, August 05, 2006


I just made 2 more pairs of Booties because My Daughter said there will be 12 parents in her Group.. :)
Now I am still making more Booties because Bob said to me.." What about the babies who are Not getting adopted?" So I thought .."Yes" They too need Booties !!!
Now I posted in Busyknitting and a couple of the gals are going to make some booties .... I will make some more also.. and if anyone out there would like to Help make some booties for the orphanage.. It would be wonderful..... I have no idea how many babies there are in the orphanage but I am sure there are many who need their little feet warmed....
If you have the time and would like to help us.. Please let me know peneloercola@aol.com
And I will tell you where to send them when you are done... We still do not have the Travel Date for April to go there and bring her Daughter Home but we hope it will be soon.. It could be in a month or it could be in two or three months..... I asked April if the orphanage will take them and she said " Yes" and was very "Happy" about it...
Thanks for anything you can do to help !!!

Friday, August 04, 2006


Wow.. Its been 10 days since I posted... Thats due to the terrible heat wave we had here in NY... Whew !!!!
Its been soooooooo HOT that my Booties were " felting" as I knit them :)
These 10 pairs of booties will be going to China with My Daughter when she goes to pick up Her baby... These will be for the other parents in the Group who have also adopted babies...
The pattern is From Fabulous yarns and most of the yarn is also from Judy at Fabulous Yarns..
She was so kind as to donated several skeins of yarn for these Booties... Thank You Again so much Judy!!! I LOve the yarn and I love the Booties Pattern...
For anyone looking for great cotton yarn, you have to see her Plymouth Sundae Swirl and Floral Spalsh... I am now spoiled about cotton yarn.. I didn't know the cotton could be so soft !!!!! I am waiting to make a baby sweater out of the Sundae Swirl one of these days... and the Floral Splash was such Fun to knit just waiting to see where the little slubs of color would knit in... Its a very pretty and oh so soft cotton yarn also... The orangy and bluish chenille is called Kick and it is so soft and fluffy when knitted into these nice squishy Booties....
So this is what I have been doing during the heat wave... I hope it is now gone and never comes back.... :)