Monday, March 31, 2008

I 'm back to doing some reading again... It seems that it goes in spirts... I'll read books one after the other and then all of a sudden I stop reading for a while...
Well... I am Happy to Report that I finished reading The Kite Runner....The Kitchen Gods Wife by Amy Tan and Not A Sparrow Falls...and another one of which I have forgotten the name already!!!!
They were all very different books .. But the one that I read the fastest and really enjoyed was Not A Sparrow Falls by Linda Nichols... While reading this book I could not wait to read more every day..
It was like watching a movie to me... And the end made me bring out the box of tissues but it was a good ending!!! Give it a try if you see the book...

I also picked up The Memory Keepers Daughter by Kim Edwards which I will start right away because I saw last night that the Movie is coming on TV in a few weeks... So I want to read the book first!!!!I think that the books are always better than the Movie.. Don't ya think???
Memoirs of A Geisha by Arther Golden... I started reading this one in the car today after I bought it while waiting for Hubby and it caught my interest right away.. But I have to read the other one first !!!!
And Jodi Picoult... The Pact.... She is a very interesting writer so I'm sure this one will be good also...
I read Vanished by her and it was good !!!
P.S. The best part is that I but all my Books at the Thrift Stores for 50 cents or 1.00 !!!!
I prefer to buy them because when I take them out of the Library.. I feel "Pressured" to hurry up and read it....and How can you resit such buys.. Then I always pass the Book on to someone else!!!!
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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

All Finished !!!! Teddy is Sleeping On The Moon!!!!!
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Monday, March 24, 2008

Todays Great Find is This Filatura Di Crosa 307 Cotton Yarn at 69 cents each and A Knitting Book for 99 cents !!!!
Ya Just Gotta Love those Second Hand Stores !!!!
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Saturday, March 22, 2008

So.... What is Penny working on This Week ??????

Well... This is a baby Blanket which Should look like a teddy Bear Sleeping on The Moon when I get it done ......... :)
This is The Nice Side !!!!!!
And This is The Not Nice Side with my Yarns all Tangled up....
Its OK now because the color changes are getting less and less as I get further along !!! Yippee !!!
No More Tangles !!!!!!

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This is a top down sweater I am working on in KnitPicks Shine... I am really loving the feel of this yarn !!!
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Saturday, March 15, 2008

This week I made a Green Cardigan for Samantha.. I made it partly from a pattern and partly from my head... or should I say... with my hands or my needles... Oh You know what I mean... I winged most of it !!!!!
I used a yarn that I bought on sale at JoAnns....Sensations Celebration... It has some nice flecks of colors in it.. Green -Gold-Yellow and a darker Green...

This is The Sweater I have been working on in-between other projects...
This one is for Paige... I used Plymouth Colorspun DK for it and a pattern by Almedahls called Texas...
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Monday, March 10, 2008

Today was " SISTERS" Day .... My Sister Janie lives two hours west from Donna and Donna lives two hours North of me..... So I told them both to come over so we could all get together.. (Which we never seem to have time to do)... They came to me today and we had a great visit.. We went to Port Canaveral and had a Delicious lunch sitting outdoors at a Restaurant on the water...
After chatting through lunch and stuffing ourselves we went to Jetty Park and had a nice warm sunny walk out on the Pier...
We then came back to my Condo on Cocoa Beach and sat on the Balcony having tea and dessert!!!

My Sister Janie brought be a Beautiful plant with pretty little dark pink and white flowers... Appropriately the name of the Flower is Star SISTERS !!!! She gave us both a plant.... She always seems to find the perfect gift for the occasion !! Thank You so much Janie !!! :)
We should make this a yearly tradition!!!.. " Sisters Day"

P.S. Thats "Me" in the middle.. I'm The Baby in The Family !!!
Gee Wiz... We could have given Donna seat!!! :)

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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Over the Weekend I made this cute little skirt for My Grandaughter Paige...
Paige is 4 and 1/2 years old... I made this to be about a 5-6.....
I used Sugar N Cream Cotton Yarn .....I love the way it came out and the yarn is so light and soft...
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Monday, March 03, 2008

One of The Gals in My Knitting Group gave me this yummy Baby Alpaca Yarn for helping her with some knitting problems... I couldn't wait to feel the yarn running through my fingers..... so I quickly knit up this ruffle edge scarf with it.. Oh... What a joy it was to knit with..I am Yarning for some more !!!!
The scarf is Oh !!!! So Sinfully Soft!!!! :)
So I guess this is The First Christmas Gift already knitted up for 2008 !!! Hooray!!!

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Sunday, March 02, 2008

This is Miss Bunny.... I made her over The Weekend !!!
She will also got in the mail to her New Ma Ma !!! :)
For inquiring minds... I used The Bubby Pattern from Knitty but I made long ears for a Bunny... :)

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