Monday, March 31, 2008

I 'm back to doing some reading again... It seems that it goes in spirts... I'll read books one after the other and then all of a sudden I stop reading for a while...
Well... I am Happy to Report that I finished reading The Kite Runner....The Kitchen Gods Wife by Amy Tan and Not A Sparrow Falls...and another one of which I have forgotten the name already!!!!
They were all very different books .. But the one that I read the fastest and really enjoyed was Not A Sparrow Falls by Linda Nichols... While reading this book I could not wait to read more every day..
It was like watching a movie to me... And the end made me bring out the box of tissues but it was a good ending!!! Give it a try if you see the book...

I also picked up The Memory Keepers Daughter by Kim Edwards which I will start right away because I saw last night that the Movie is coming on TV in a few weeks... So I want to read the book first!!!!I think that the books are always better than the Movie.. Don't ya think???
Memoirs of A Geisha by Arther Golden... I started reading this one in the car today after I bought it while waiting for Hubby and it caught my interest right away.. But I have to read the other one first !!!!
And Jodi Picoult... The Pact.... She is a very interesting writer so I'm sure this one will be good also...
I read Vanished by her and it was good !!!
P.S. The best part is that I but all my Books at the Thrift Stores for 50 cents or 1.00 !!!!
I prefer to buy them because when I take them out of the Library.. I feel "Pressured" to hurry up and read it....and How can you resit such buys.. Then I always pass the Book on to someone else!!!!
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handknit168 said...

I love to hearing that you have read so many books. When I find a great book at Library, I can read it as fast as I can till night, so I can finish it within a week. At HK, we can rent a book at library for 2 weeks, and can extend up to 5 more times. That means you can borrow the book upto 12 weeks if that book is not reserved by someone else.

Elaine said...

Just leaving a comment here in reply to your question on my blog as you didn't leave any contact details. You can buy the Jo Sharp book online. I know in Australia you can get it at

mary~ said...

hi penny:)
i read the Pact & Memoir of a geisha,( spelling?)
the others i am not familiar with...i just finished ,last week EAT,PRAY,LOVE, i really enjoyed it..
now am watching Eckhart Tolle & Oprah on the webcast, very very good stuff

kerlina said...

I just watched Kite Runner and own Memoirs. Fantastic movies. Good story and beautiful to watch. Amy Tan's book is also a captivating book to read. Enjoy!