Sunday, April 30, 2006


I had several requests for the Baby Blankie that I have posted several posts back..
It is a free on line pattern which was pased on to me and I do not have the link...
I did type it up for you because my copy is so worn out...
Use what ever yarn you like.. I used a DK weight...and I sewed on the silky edge :)
Here it is... ENJOY!!!

Crochet Baby Blanket
20 oz. pombadour yarn or yarn of your choice!
6 oz. white trim yarn ( If you want)

ROW 1: Ch. 126, SC in 2nd ch from hook and across.
ROW 2: Ch 1 turn, ( sc, ch3, 3 dc) in 1st sc, *Skip 3 sc, ( sc, ch3, 3 dc) in next sc, Repeat * across to last 4 sc, skip next 3 sc, sc in last sc.
ROW 3: Ch 3 turn, 3 dc in 1st sc, ( sc, ch3, 3 dc) in each ch space across. ending with sc in last space.
Repeat ROW 3 approximately 55 rows.
LAST ROW : Ch 3 turn, sc in ch-3 space, sc in sc, * ( sc in next 3 dc, skip next ch 3 space, sc in sc ) repeat* across.. Do not finish off

Working in rounds
Round 1: Ch 1 turn, 3sc in 1st sc, [* sc in each sc, repeat*across, 3 sc in last sc,* ( 3 sc in ch-space, sc in sc) repeat* across, working in free loops of beginning chain, 3 sc in 1st ch, sc in each ch across, ] 3 sc in last, repeat* around, last round repeat between [ ].
slip stitch in 1st sc, (changing colors here if using contrast)
ROUND 2-3: With white, ch 1, sc around with 3 sc in corners, slip st.
ROUND 4: Ch 2, Do not Turn, *skip sc, sc,ch 2, repeat* around slip st in 1st sc.
ROUND 5: Ch1, turn, sc in slip st, * sc in ch- space, sc around with 3 sc in corners.
Repeat *around.
Round 6: Ch 1, turn, * ( sc,ch3, 3 dc)
skip 3 sc, repeat* around slip st to 1st sc. Finish Off

Friday, April 28, 2006

Red Hat Days

Oh My... Ain't We Sweet!!!!

LOL.. Just thought I would give you a "chuckle"...
This is Marilyn and I a few years ago during our Red Hat Society Days !!!
Are'nt we a site :) LOL
We did have fun going out with all the "Ladies"... LOL

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Knitting :)

Today was our Knitting Day at Paneras....
This is Marilyn .... It was chilly in our room today and I was showing My capelet that I made last year.. Marilyn tried it on and kept it on because it was so cozy in the airconditioning...
After knitting we went to Lunch and to JoAnns where Marilyn bought some Homespun so I can teach her how to make a Capelet for herself... :) She is new to the Knitting World and is catching on very well.. I think she will be able to make one of these with no problem..
Its so much Fun to recruit new knitters and watch them enjoy their accomplishments!!!!
What Fun!!!

Yesterday after Bob and I washed and waxed the Van..
I sat in Bobs Sons Backyard knitting while Bob did some fishing...
Then along came a little birdie to check out my knitting... Hummmm???? Do you think he thought that my yarn was a bag of worms ???? :)

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Beach Walk

Today was a Beautiful Day for a Walk on the beach... So.. Thats what I did.. :)
We actually sat under the umbrella for a few hours because the sun was pretty hot today! But under the umbrella and with the Ocean Breeze it was a Perfect Morning!
I hope you all had a Nice Day too!

Saturday, April 22, 2006


Oh Boy! I haven't posted in over a week !!!
But I have done some knitting .. Finished one of my UFO's...
This is the " Dinosour" Sweater for Little Ella who LOVES Dinosours............
This is such a cute sweater.. I hope to make another one soon..
Its from a Sirdar Book that I have.This is probably the first sweater that I did with all the design work in it... After I got going it wasn't too hard, just takes a little concentration !
I used Simply Soft which is becoming a Favorite of mine lately...

Monday, April 10, 2006

Pink Fluffy

Here is the Progress on last weeks projects... The Fluffy " Soft as Butter" Pink Jacket is Done!!!
I absolutely LOVE how soft this is... I used Patons Be Mine yarn and a Sirdar Pattern which you can see a few photos below this..
I have done one front on the purple sweater and a little on the Blue Ruffle one.. But I also started a little Dress.. which I have finished the top and the sleeves :) It is a nice soft cotton ...
I will post a picture this week...

Monday, April 03, 2006

Natalies Sweater

These are the Projects I started this week :)

I know... I know.... Three more??? I just can't be Happy working on one thing at a Time !!!
This is for My Grandaughter Natalie if I ever get it done ...
As you can see I am using Simply Soft... one of my favorite yarns...
I am doing the size 11 and I had to change the bottom a bit so that it would not roll up....
I added an extra row of garter stitch to do that!!! Simple!!

Here is a VERY SOFT CUDDLY sweater done in Be Mine Yarn... Ohhhhhhhh I just LOVE this stuff.... It is as soft as buttercream..
And.. Yes.. I am also changing this pattern a bit too... First I am making it shorter and then I am making the neck wider... Hope my " adjustments" work out........
I am also "Thinking" of putting a Flower on the front... I'll go thru my stash and see what colors will work... :)

A VERY cute Sweater, right ?
I am again using Simply Soft in two colors... I really like the way it is working out. The pattern takes some concentration so I do some " mindless" knitting.. in between....Like the back of Natalies Sweater ..
This is for My Daughter Aprils Friend... Little Ellafor her Birthday ( which has already passed)...Oh Well.. Creativity does take Time !!!!
It all started because I mentioned some dinasore buttons that I have... They will be adorning the front of the Sweater... Ella LOVES them :)