Sunday, April 30, 2006


I had several requests for the Baby Blankie that I have posted several posts back..
It is a free on line pattern which was pased on to me and I do not have the link...
I did type it up for you because my copy is so worn out...
Use what ever yarn you like.. I used a DK weight...and I sewed on the silky edge :)
Here it is... ENJOY!!!

Crochet Baby Blanket
20 oz. pombadour yarn or yarn of your choice!
6 oz. white trim yarn ( If you want)

ROW 1: Ch. 126, SC in 2nd ch from hook and across.
ROW 2: Ch 1 turn, ( sc, ch3, 3 dc) in 1st sc, *Skip 3 sc, ( sc, ch3, 3 dc) in next sc, Repeat * across to last 4 sc, skip next 3 sc, sc in last sc.
ROW 3: Ch 3 turn, 3 dc in 1st sc, ( sc, ch3, 3 dc) in each ch space across. ending with sc in last space.
Repeat ROW 3 approximately 55 rows.
LAST ROW : Ch 3 turn, sc in ch-3 space, sc in sc, * ( sc in next 3 dc, skip next ch 3 space, sc in sc ) repeat* across.. Do not finish off

Working in rounds
Round 1: Ch 1 turn, 3sc in 1st sc, [* sc in each sc, repeat*across, 3 sc in last sc,* ( 3 sc in ch-space, sc in sc) repeat* across, working in free loops of beginning chain, 3 sc in 1st ch, sc in each ch across, ] 3 sc in last, repeat* around, last round repeat between [ ].
slip stitch in 1st sc, (changing colors here if using contrast)
ROUND 2-3: With white, ch 1, sc around with 3 sc in corners, slip st.
ROUND 4: Ch 2, Do not Turn, *skip sc, sc,ch 2, repeat* around slip st in 1st sc.
ROUND 5: Ch1, turn, sc in slip st, * sc in ch- space, sc around with 3 sc in corners.
Repeat *around.
Round 6: Ch 1, turn, * ( sc,ch3, 3 dc)
skip 3 sc, repeat* around slip st to 1st sc. Finish Off

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