Saturday, October 27, 2007

Did you ever see such a CUTE Pumpkin Girl ???
Samanthas First Halloween !!!! Awwwwwwwwww !!
grammy Loves You Sami!!!!

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Thursday, October 25, 2007


I haven't posted in a few days so I thought I would just update you all ..
I am more than half way finished with my Third Asian Sweater.. hooray!!!

And More Exciting news is that My Daughter Terry in Buffalo is having another Baby!!!!
This will be her number 6... yup... Number Six... !!!!!!
I figure this one will be a boy because the same day she told me I was trying to think of what to make with some pretty Blue Sirdar Yarn that I have and I said to myself.." Oh Someone will have a Baby Boy soon.." And that same day she told me she was expecting!! That and the fact that she now has three Girls and two Boys.... This will even the score !!!
So That's it then.. She's having a Boy!!! :)

Maybe by that time we will also have "Little Penny" from China.....

So It seems that I will never be at a loss for Knitting for My GrandChildren!!! :)

Its time to go to Florida and I am getting Seperation Anxiety about leaving my Yarn and Books here !!! I have packed just about all I can fit into the Van.... I am taking very little clothes because Clothes are easier to buy in Florida than Yarn !!! And who needs clothes in Florida anyway!!!
So I'll be posting to you from Sunnyland pretty soon!!!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Today The Weather was Spectacular and I sat in the yard working on yet another Asian Sweater... This will be the third one I have made...
I made one for Penny who we are waiting to come from China......and one for her MaMa !!! :)
Now I am making one for her New Little Sister Samantha!!!!

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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

This is The Little Lacy Dress I made for Samantha !! :)

Here's MaMa and Samantha in Grammys Yard......

Samantha is wearing the Victorian T Shirt that I made for her and sitting on her Uncle Timmys Truck...
She thought that was the Funniest thing to be up there.... :) awwwwww !!!!

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And Here's Sami and Grammy !!!! :)
Samantha is wearing the leg warmers and sweater that I made for her..
The Furry Hat we just picked up at The Gap!!!! It was just too cute to resist!!!!
She will be getting the matching Coat for Christmas :)

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Monday, October 15, 2007

A Get Together of Cousins and Aunt at Christies House !!!

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My Daughter April and Me :)

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Here is Andrew .. My Niece Debbies Son with His Yankees Hat on!!!

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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Here is Me and Zackary wearing his Hat

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Here are Two More Hats I made this week :)

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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Dressed Turkey

This weekend I am making Thanksgiving Dinner while My Daughter is here visiting..
Just wanted to show you How To Dress Your Thanksgiving Turkey..... :)

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Monday, October 08, 2007

Made Two Hats this weekend for Boys who have different Favorite Teams...
As you can see...... Yankees & Mets !!!!
I did a basic hat and then made the graphs myself on graph paper...

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Sunday, October 07, 2007

OK.. I just HAD to Be a Grandma and Update you on Samanthas Photos !!!! LOL...
Ohhhhhhhh Two more days and she will be here at Grandmas House !!!!!
She is wearing The Oat Couture Simple Saque in the Lime Green and Below she is wearing The Organic Green Yoda Sweater and Booties that I made her!!!

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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Baby Leg Warmers

OK.. So Now you are asking......"What did this Crazy Grandma knit this time?"
Well... They are Baby Leg Warmers Of Course !!!!
April asked me to make a pair HERE they are !! I made two pairs!!!
I had to make the orange ones to go with Sami's Pumpkin Hat... :)
I can't Wait to see her in them.... LOL
I didn't have a pattern for them.. I just casted on so many stitches (in the round) with a # 4 needle ..I think there were 36.. Then I K1,P1 until I got the length I wanted.. In the beginning I worked about 1 and 1/2 inches then increased the needle size to a #5..... Then I worked another 2 and 1/2 inches and increased to a size 7 or 8 this way they got wider at the top so they will fit her chubby little legs... LOL

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Samantha should look very Halloweenie in her Pumpkin Hat and Leg Warmers...LOL

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I added a little trim around the buttonband of my green sweater today.. It gace it a bit more "interest".. Don't ya think ??

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Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Last night I did the pair of mittens ...
I will try to write out my directions for you here , Hopefully I worte the right "notes" !
With Worsted Weight Yarn and # 4 dpns.. I casted on 24 stitches...
I put half of the stitches (12)....on each needle....
I then slip them to the same ends of the needle and switch the first stitch on each needle..This joins them in a "round" and holds a nice "closure"
You can join them your own way but this is what I like to do!!!
You now do a K2, P2 Rib on both needles...
Next round start using a third needle and continue ribbing for about 1 inch..
Switch on next row to a # 5 needle and increase 4 stitches in forst row .. continue doing stockinette stitch for for about 3/4 inch...
If you want a thumb , this is where you would put one.... I just bound off 5 stitches and on the next row I knitted on 5 stitches above it ( Like a buttonhole)
Leave the hole and continue knitting for about 1/4 inch.. then decrease 4 stitches evenly around..
Knit for 2 rounds..
ON next round decrease 6 stitches evenly..
Knit 1 round..
On next round decrease 5 stitches evenly..
K 2 rounds..
On next round decrease 6 stitches evenly..
Hopefully you should now have about 8 stitches... ( If not just decrease until you do )
Its not really " Rocket Science"...
Now thread yarn thru stitches and pull together!!!
Now for the thumb what I did next was to pick up the 10 stitches around the "hole"..
Knit about 5 rounds then start decreasing a few stitches each row until you are down to 3 stitches...
Just judge the length of the thumb!!! Then pull the yarn thru the 3 stitches and you are done!!!
I doubt if Samantha will keep her thum where it belongs but its there if she wants to..
Probably she will just "Play" with the Thumb on the Mitten :)

Have Fun!!!

This is another Seamless One Piece Sweater like the " Nut" Sweater :) But I made this one a little bigger by adding a few stitches...
This is a Pretty Green Heather Worsted Yarn that I got at the new Yarn Outlet near me.. and trimed with a Pretty Lilac Color...
The name of the Yarn is The Leader Tawny....

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Monday, October 01, 2007

Monday !! Monday!!

Today is Monday and it makes me tired... Why do I get tired on Monday??? To me its the same as any other day !!!
I took a bike ride to the park early this morning.. ...came home and had my cup of java.....
Sat and did a tiny bit of knitting..... mainly because I don't know what to make .... I have two sweaters that I wanted to do "right now" but didn't get them going yet...... and I have two hats that I have to get done this week and have not started them because I am so bad a determining hat sizes... Maybe tonight I will just start one and see how big it is..... I did that Sunday night and it was huge!!! Even if I follow directions.. I still don't get them the size I want... :(
Then I have now mittens that my daughter just requested which will go fast as soon as I find that baby mitten pattern....
And than I have a few "FUN" things that I wanted to make also... Now all these "projects" I wanted to have done by next Wednesday !!!!! So What am I doing sitting here on the computer "talking" about it....... ???
As Nike says... "Just Do It !"
Ok After Dinner and after doing the dishes.. maybe then I'll get some knitting time...
I finished a sweater last night but after going thru my BIG box and bag of buttons... I can't find ones that I like for it.... Grrrrrr.. I hate when that happens... I might just have to settle for "plain" pink ones !!!!
I just decided why I am tired.. Its because I can't make a decision on what to make first!!!
Happy Knitting you all !!!