Monday, October 01, 2007

Monday !! Monday!!

Today is Monday and it makes me tired... Why do I get tired on Monday??? To me its the same as any other day !!!
I took a bike ride to the park early this morning.. ...came home and had my cup of java.....
Sat and did a tiny bit of knitting..... mainly because I don't know what to make .... I have two sweaters that I wanted to do "right now" but didn't get them going yet...... and I have two hats that I have to get done this week and have not started them because I am so bad a determining hat sizes... Maybe tonight I will just start one and see how big it is..... I did that Sunday night and it was huge!!! Even if I follow directions.. I still don't get them the size I want... :(
Then I have now mittens that my daughter just requested which will go fast as soon as I find that baby mitten pattern....
And than I have a few "FUN" things that I wanted to make also... Now all these "projects" I wanted to have done by next Wednesday !!!!! So What am I doing sitting here on the computer "talking" about it....... ???
As Nike says... "Just Do It !"
Ok After Dinner and after doing the dishes.. maybe then I'll get some knitting time...
I finished a sweater last night but after going thru my BIG box and bag of buttons... I can't find ones that I like for it.... Grrrrrr.. I hate when that happens... I might just have to settle for "plain" pink ones !!!!
I just decided why I am tired.. Its because I can't make a decision on what to make first!!!
Happy Knitting you all !!!

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