Thursday, October 25, 2007


I haven't posted in a few days so I thought I would just update you all ..
I am more than half way finished with my Third Asian Sweater.. hooray!!!

And More Exciting news is that My Daughter Terry in Buffalo is having another Baby!!!!
This will be her number 6... yup... Number Six... !!!!!!
I figure this one will be a boy because the same day she told me I was trying to think of what to make with some pretty Blue Sirdar Yarn that I have and I said to myself.." Oh Someone will have a Baby Boy soon.." And that same day she told me she was expecting!! That and the fact that she now has three Girls and two Boys.... This will even the score !!!
So That's it then.. She's having a Boy!!! :)

Maybe by that time we will also have "Little Penny" from China.....

So It seems that I will never be at a loss for Knitting for My GrandChildren!!! :)

Its time to go to Florida and I am getting Seperation Anxiety about leaving my Yarn and Books here !!! I have packed just about all I can fit into the Van.... I am taking very little clothes because Clothes are easier to buy in Florida than Yarn !!! And who needs clothes in Florida anyway!!!
So I'll be posting to you from Sunnyland pretty soon!!!


JustApril said...

Wow 6! Brave! =)
Congrats =) I hope y'all get Penny soon.

emily said...

Congratulations on the new grand baby. How exciting. I hope you enjoy your time in FL. We are in Naples right and the weather is perfect.

Jen:) said...

Congratulations!!! Wow, your kids are conspiring to turn you into a baby/kids knits factory - at least the items for the little ones are so much fun!

I love seeing what you are working on, so hurry safely to FL.

Capucine said...

yes !!! I can post here ....
congratulations !!!!!! a new baby.... how exciting !!!!! a boy !!!!! have you enough blue wool ??????

Diane said...

Congrats to your daughter on the upcoming addition to her family. I would have loved to have a bigger family. Don't know why we stopped at 4.

Sheila said...

Congrats on the new Grandbaby. I'm going to be a first time Grandma this coming May. it is very exciting.