Saturday, June 24, 2006

Natalies Sweater

Another Project Completed ......... :)
This is My Grandaughter Natalies Sweater... It is a Sirdar Pattern and I used Lilac Simply Soft..
I combined two sizes for this sweater... Using directions for size 7-8 and 9-10 because the pattern called for a DK weight yarn and I used a light worsted... By mixing the sizes I think it will fit her just right.. Natalie is Seven years Old !!! ((( Hum??? Now I hope Grandma is right about her age) Its so hard to keep up with them, they are growing so Fast!!!
I wanted you to see the edging so I put the shirt under it... This was the first time I did the edge and it worked out well...
My Friends Dorethea and Evelyn picked me up yesterday to go to Lunch and to A.C. Moore....
I knitted in the car during the tripo so I could finish up this sweater....
My Plan was to get this done Sooooooooooooo I could buy more Yarn for some New Projects !!!!
LOL.... HUH ??? What did you say????? No.. I don't have too much yarn....They all have their own purpose.. I just have to figure out what that is and then Knit Real Fast!!!

All Right... Now I can show you the Stash Enhancement I did this week... ha ha ha

This is Todays Lovely Bag of String !!!
Dorethea made the mistake of telling me yesterday that a local yarn shop is closing... So naturally I had to go and check it out....
I didn't do too bad... Take a Peek in My Bag !!!They had everything for 50% Off !!! Now.. Tell me.. Could YOU resist such a Bargin ???? I already have "Plans" for each glorious skein of yarn here...

This Trip was made on Wednesday when I had Lunch with other Knitting Buddies... Diana and Mary!!!
I tell ya.. These girls just get me in trouble all the time... I certainly had no intentions of buying yarn.... even tho we did go to the yarn store.. I was only going to " Browse"
And "Yes" I already have "plans" for this pile of yarn also!!!!!
Stash :)

This is My pile from A.C. Moore..... Hey.. Come on... Most of it was on Sale.... Well.. Some of it was !!!
But I do know what I am going to make with them.. really I Do !!!
All I need to do now is plug in some Turbo Needles and Knit..Knit.. Knit..
Watch.. You'll see.. I'll get this stuff made up into something in Record Time :)

What ??? Who said I am and obsessive Knitter???? :)

Thursday, June 22, 2006

WHAT ????????????

Oh .. Come On Now Interweave Knits... What are they Thinking???
This has got to be on The Most Ugliest Knitted 'Thing" List!!!!
I can't decide what it reminds me of ??????
But it certainly is not something I would wear out in Public!!!
What do You Think ????........... OK......... It was just suggested to me that perhaps this is supposed to be a " Boob Warmer".... Now surely That Must be it !!!!

Monday, June 19, 2006

Father and Daughter Jane

Fathers Day Weekend

We spent the weekend at Bobs Daughters House in new Jersey...
His Daughters and His Grandaughters and us all gather at Janies ( Bobs Daughter) for Our Traditional Fathers Day Weekend of Eating and Cathing up !!!
TV and Chat Time

Cooling Off indoors for a while..........

See Ya Later !!!
Way Out

Here we come... Rowing Back to Land ..
Only problem with a two Man Kayac is that Bob wants to go this way
and I want to go That Way !!!!.. The Sun was pretty hot so Now I Want to Go back !!!
Soaking Time

Boy It got pretty Hot out... Time for me to Cool Off !!
Kayac Time

There goes Me and Bob heading out for a ride !!!
Knitting Time

Well Of Course I Brought My Knitting!!!!
Just can't leave home without it !!
Lazy Day

All sorts of relaxing Going on here
Janie and Kurts Home

Janie and Kurts Home in Point Plesant, New Jersey!!
Family Gathering

This is where we spent most of our The Table :)
There was Lots of Good Food and Good Company Chatter going on .....

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Thrifty Find

Boy Did I Get Lucky Today !!!!!
Look at the Great Find I got at the Goodwill today...
Eight Skeins of Classic Elite Cotton and Four Skeins of Mission Falls Cotton.. All for 99 cents each...
Wahooooooooooo Now How could I resist such a Bargin!!! :)
Lacy Dress

Here is My Lacy Baby Dress that I did for The Amazing Lace Kal.....
I used a Buttercup Yellow thin cotton by Lustersheen...
I had it finished for a few days but was trying to get those baby Sweaters done before I attempted to sew the dress together... All in all... The dress went together very well...
Its such a Dainty Little Dress ... Don't ya think ?
Quack Quack

The Second Baby Sweater Set is now Complete.... :)
For this one I used Pound of Love Yarn by Lion Brand... Another one of my Favorites !!!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


After several hours of trying to straighten out this mess of a Blog here..
I just could not handle the stress of it anymore...
Things were getting way out of Hand ......My links were falling down .. My Buttons were dropping and nothing was where it was supposed to be...
So I had to call in for some expert help all the way to Canada.....
Hooray for Michele in Alberta...
She popped in on my template and got it all neat and tidy for me...
Now my Links are "clicking: and My Buttons are in line and All is Well in BlogLand again!!!!
Thanks Michele for not letting those Technology Deamons Win Us Over!!!!

Saturday, June 10, 2006

And Hat
And Hat :)

Here is The Sheep Sweater and A Little Hat I did to go with it !!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

For Meeeeeeeeee??????

Yesterday The Ups Girl brought me Two Big Boxes ... I wonder what is in them ??? * Grin*

Look What was inside those Boxes... Did you Guess ???
A whole New Computer Set up.. Look at that Flat Screen.. It is just sooooooooo Cool !!!
I have so much room on my Desk now to write ...
And look at The Printer/ Scanner... Its Super !!!!
This is My Mothers Day present from My Daughter April and Hubby John !!!!
Wow.. Aren't I a Lucky Mom !!!!!
I think I finally got it all set up and everything running !!!
Easy Spirits

I also got these Easy Spirits From April and John for My Birthday !!!!
They are so comfortable !!!

Finished The First Sweater for My Baby Gifts this weekend !!!
This is the Sheep Sweater :)
Baby Sweaters

Now I have started the Second Sweater.. This one is a Quack....... :)
Can you tell ???
This will be a Cardigan with the Duck on the left front......Two more days to finish!!!!

Bye- Bye for now.. Time To Knit !!!!!

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Next weekend I need to have Two Baby Gifts and yesterday I went up in the attic to check my sweaters and suddenly realized that I did not bring the right sweaters home here from Florida !!! yikes.... Thats when the Panic Mode set in !!!!! Now What am I going to give ??? Can you imagine that with all the baby things I make I now do not have anything to give for a Gift ??
Ok Ok.... Pick out something from your Favorite Patterns... Fumble my way thru the stash in the attic and come up with something nice to make, right !!
One tiny skein of yarn that I just HAD to use was missing... Oh No !!! I also left THAT in Florida... no It can't be ... I KNOW I hid that somewhere in my luggage **#@#$%^$#!!!
My Daughter told me to pray this little prayer about ... I lost something that must be Found... After searching for an hour I started to re search saying her prayer... Guess What ?? I FOUND that one tiny skein of yarn !!! :)
OK.. So now.. I need to make Two Gifts in 6 Days !!!!
Last night I plugged in My Turbo needle ( yea, right)... LOL... and this is the First one I started !!! Time for Some Speed Knitting!!!
In case you can't tell.. Those are Sheep on the Front..
" Baa... Baa.. Black ( White) Sheep... Have You ANY Wool ????...
Ohhhhhhhhhh YES Sir.. Yes Sir... I Have An Attic Full !!!! " Ha Ha


Finished The Green Spiral Socks pretty Quickly :)
Its been awhile since I made socks... Sort of had to relearn how to avoid those sharp points on the dpns that just seem to want to stab the heck out of my wrists !!! But I made it thru without too many wounds !!!
Cozy Feet

Its kinda hard to see how they will look on a Baby's feet without a Baby to try them on... so it was all up to Snuggles to show ya !!!

Friday, June 02, 2006

The Sock

Whats That Growing in My Bushes ??? :)

Green... Green... Green !!! Spring is Here on Long Island !!!!

The Beginning of a Baby Sock that My Daughter requested...
She asked for " Canned Pea " Green But the closest I had was this lime green... I think its just as pretty !!! April seems to associate her colors with Vegetables.... Maybe because she is a vegetarian ???
Her other Greens are... Frozen Pea Green and Grass Green :)
I have not found them in a yarn color either !!!!