Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Look What was inside those Boxes... Did you Guess ???
A whole New Computer Set up.. Look at that Flat Screen.. It is just sooooooooo Cool !!!
I have so much room on my Desk now to write ...
And look at The Printer/ Scanner... Its Super !!!!
This is My Mothers Day present from My Daughter April and Hubby John !!!!
Wow.. Aren't I a Lucky Mom !!!!!
I think I finally got it all set up and everything running !!!


Three Sisters Yarn said...

Wow--what a space saver! Love those flat screens.

Jody said...

You will love your new computer with flat screen. What a wonderful gift!!! You are truly loved!

Gina said...

April and John are so good to you, but then you keep them well dressed in sweaters (or their children?) Have fun playing with your new toy!

Eleanor said...

My "dream" setup!! Have fun and enjoy! What a great dtr!! (and son-in-law, of course!!)