Sunday, June 04, 2006

Next weekend I need to have Two Baby Gifts and yesterday I went up in the attic to check my sweaters and suddenly realized that I did not bring the right sweaters home here from Florida !!! yikes.... Thats when the Panic Mode set in !!!!! Now What am I going to give ??? Can you imagine that with all the baby things I make I now do not have anything to give for a Gift ??
Ok Ok.... Pick out something from your Favorite Patterns... Fumble my way thru the stash in the attic and come up with something nice to make, right !!
One tiny skein of yarn that I just HAD to use was missing... Oh No !!! I also left THAT in Florida... no It can't be ... I KNOW I hid that somewhere in my luggage **#@#$%^$#!!!
My Daughter told me to pray this little prayer about ... I lost something that must be Found... After searching for an hour I started to re search saying her prayer... Guess What ?? I FOUND that one tiny skein of yarn !!! :)
OK.. So now.. I need to make Two Gifts in 6 Days !!!!
Last night I plugged in My Turbo needle ( yea, right)... LOL... and this is the First one I started !!! Time for Some Speed Knitting!!!
In case you can't tell.. Those are Sheep on the Front..
" Baa... Baa.. Black ( White) Sheep... Have You ANY Wool ????...
Ohhhhhhhhhh YES Sir.. Yes Sir... I Have An Attic Full !!!! " Ha Ha



yarn addicted said...

Wow toots!
You have been busy. Love the lambs on the pink! yummy
how the H____ did you make that lacy dress? I will have to try harder.
Great to see those socks. curvy. I would get lost in that pattern!
keep on clicking!

Becky said...

The socks look great. Um...I've been working on mine for over a month.

And that sweater...makes me want to get pregnant. Fortunately, that is not possible. LOL

Lucy said...

That sweater is so so cute...I love the color combo as well as the sheep!

Oceana said...

YAY! so glad you found the "knit a long" yarn!

Jeanette said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!! How sweet this little lamb sweater is!

Donna said...

Oh boy Penny! This is one of my absolute favorites for sure!!! I LOVE that sweater!!! the colors and the sheep are so darling! And your spiral socks are mighty fine too!

Tricotine said...

This is going to look ADORABLE, Penny! As always...

High Speed Knitting on... I know you can do it! :)