Thursday, March 26, 2009

Made This Cute Sweater for Sami.... I used Cottonease so it is very soft and light weight for the Summer... Its all rib so it has alot of "give".... The Pattern can be ordered via Ravelry...

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Monday, March 23, 2009

Here is Little Claire in Her Downsized Central Park Hoodie that grammie Made for her!!!
Isn't she a Cutie Pie!!! :)


Grandmas Knitted Asian Sweaters and Hat !! :)

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Catch Me if You Can !!!

Hugs for Little Sister

Who is This Irish Kid??? LOL

MaMa and Sami & Felix
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Friday, March 20, 2009

Love This Little Sweater... I added the Flowers and leaves and I made the buttons with the same yarn and a purl in the center... Then I went out and bought a Dress to go with it.. I found this Little Cutie at Macys and it looks Perfect with the Sweater.... So Clairs Easter Outfit is Complete!!!
I used Knitpicks Sockyarn to knit the Sweater and The Pattern is Sirdar Snuggly 1676

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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Hey Dad... Can We Have Some ?? :)

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Sami is at her Friends Birthday Party wearing The TuTu That I knitted for her last year...

LOL.... Isn't she just TuTu Cute !!!! :)

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Touring Around Town we stopped at The River and Bob caught His Dinner!!!! I fried the Little Guy up when we got home... Catch of The Day!!!

While Bob was Fishing I was wandering around looking for other "sea life"....
Here is The Big Guy I found.... No..Its not The Lockness Monster.... Its a Manatee... I waded in the water trying to get as close as I could for his "Kodak Moment" ... You can hear them when they come up an make a blowing sound for air...
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Monday, March 09, 2009

Started yesterday stopping for Coffee and going to The Local Farmers Market.....
Yummy Yummy.............. Fruits and Veggies !!!
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Posted by PicasaHere is A Manatee that I saw today in The River.. I'll post more later.... Blogger keeps giving me a hard time trying to post tonight... :(

Sunday, March 08, 2009

A Vest I just finished for Felix....
I used Bernats Camouflage Yarn.... Look at the crazy designs it made on the Front and Back.. The "pooling" made it very interesting I think. The Vest is in Ravelrys Patterns.. It was a Fun knit and I love the style of the vest.. Don't know if you can see the Cable from there but they are on the front and back.

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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

So it seems that I have become a Fan of Jodi Picoult... I have one of her books and liked it but right now I forget which one it was.. Here are six more that I have picked up in second hand stores... I also have My Sisters Keeper which I have been wanting to start. Right now I am reading Ken Follets .. World Without End .. Its such a BIG book so its going to take me a while to read it.. I wish I could speed read so that I could get into more books... Last Summer I was listening to books on tape so that I could knit at the same time... Multi Tasker.. Thats me... :)

I sent Felix a little Celtics Hat just like the one I made his Daddy....

This is a Shawl I made this week... Its more like a "shawlette".. I have been wanting to use this crazy wool ribbon yarn that I bought in a yarn shop up north a few years ago.. I just could not figure out WHAT to make with it... So this is from the skeins of the same color which were a nice light brownish tan.. Now I have 4 skeins of this in a light tan and 3 skeins in a nice light oliveish green... So now I am thinking... Maybe a drop stitch scarf or a bulky hat ???? Gotta get more of this STASH yarn used up...

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