Thursday, November 30, 2006

Monday, November 27, 2006

Stocking 2

This is Stocking Number 2 for The Ma Ma to be.....
Its a bit "Fluffier" and Fatter because I used Red Heart Plush yarn for this one.. But it is nice and soft...

It seemed "funny" when I posted this photo because Today.. November 27th is My Mom's Birthday... I'm sure she is looking down and smileing...
"Happy Birthday Mom "....... :)
I Miss You !!!! XXOO
For Ma Ma

Friday, November 24, 2006

Elf Toe

So here is my First Design of an Elf Toe Stocking that My Daughter wanted me to make.....
This one is for "Little Penny"who will be coming from China soon...
I never made a toe like this so it was a bit of a challenge... I tried to keep "notes" of what I was doing as I went along so I can make two more... My notes are a little sloppy so lets see how the next one comes out... That one will be red and white...
I used Red Heart Hokey Pokey for this one and there are little Gingerbread Men and a heart and a tree on the top :)
Penny :)

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Friday, November 17, 2006


The Northern Half of the Scarf has joined The Southern Half of The Scarf...
Sorry I wore a light shirt .. It makes it hard to see the scarf.. But it came out very Pretty and the grafting in the center worked out fine.. Now the pattern matches on both sides :)

Monday, November 13, 2006

The South

I am now in Florida working on the "Southern" half of My Scarf...
I did the Northern Half in New Yor and as you can see from the Ocean and the Palm Tree.. I am now Knitting Along in Sunnyland, USA........... :)
We got here on Friday and I think I finally finished unloading my " Stuff" from the Van....The usual one small bag of clothes and a whole lot of Knitting that I just could not leave home without ....
I am so glad that there is only one good yarn shop arond here... But then there is always Walmart ..JoAnns and Michaels..Oh and Rag Shop and A.C. Moore... Yikes.... I must stay away from those places.. They are a BAD influence on me :)

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Ohhhhh Denise

Oh I LOVE MY Denise Needles... Thank You Kelle :)
Now I have a full set all back together again..
My other needles are on so many projects that I can't find all of the cords, etc...
Now I have a second set to fill up....

Monday, November 06, 2006


I am working on this scarf for My Daughter Terry !!! Hi Terry.. How do you like it ???? :)
Its a really pretty design. The pattern is from Garnstudio... One of my Favorite sites.
They also have a very infromative Forum if you have any questions.
I am going to do it in two halves like the heart scarf on Knitty.. Then I will graft it in the center so the design goes the same way on both halves..

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Hi Everyone :)

Just lurking around in the knitting groups and peeking at some knitting blogs.. Boy, Now that can take some time ,huh?
I tried to delete a post here but Blogger is being Blogger and it won't go away... "Shoo Go Away Post !!!!" Its gone from my Edits but its still in my blog.... Oh Well.. I'm sure it will miraculously disappear sometime...

So I wasted yet another day here in Computerland.... Still fighting this darn cold... sniff sniff !!!

Hope everyone else is felling better.... This "Computer" virus really makes you "pooped out" LOL

Now its again time to start cooking something for dinner... I feel as tho I just ate Lunch.....

Well.. After Dinner ...dishes washed.. and then the Kitchen will be Closed for Today!!!

I'll do some of the scarf I started yesterday and then post a photo for you tomorrow....

Have Good Night!!!!! "yawn"........................Did I make you Yawn too :)

Friday, November 03, 2006

Central Park

Now that I finished warming everyones wrists... I picked up my Central Park Hoodie and did a little ...
Wow... What is it with me and cables lately.. It seems that everything I pick out to make has cables on it...
I was going to start a scarf last night but I didn't like the feel of the yarn I was using so I ripped it out.. Now I have to find some other yarn in my stash ..

This Cold of mine is taking its time to get away from me.... Whats the rule again?? Starve a Cold.. feed a fever or feed a Cold ..starve a fever... Well.. Whatever it is I just can't seem to stop eating yesterday and today... maybe that means I am getting better ? Or does it just mean I am a hog ??? LOL
I even just made a batch of cupcakes.. Boy do they smell good :)
There is nothing better than smelling Baking on a Cold Day, huh ?
Well.. I hope all you other sickies out there are getting better and I hope I am getting better!
Want a Cupcake to ease your Pain and suffering ? <>

Thursday, November 02, 2006


Look what I Won !!!! :)

I got this in the mail today from April
The yarn is SO SOFT and I just LOVE the color Baby Goldilocks....Its a beautiful Merino Wool Fingering Yarn with a mixture of yellow and white....A total of 370 yards......
I think I will get some white fingering yarn and make a Beautiful Little Baby Sweater with it...
Thank You So Much April :)
Cose Up

This is a "Panta" in Polish "I think".. The first one that I saw on a Blog somewhere was called that but then the pattern was found on The Garnstudio site HERE
Its perfect to keep your ears and the top of your head warm :)

Here she is in person.. wearing her Panta :)

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Little Warmers

I think this is the Last Pair of Wristwarmers for a while ... :)
These I made Little for My Three year Old Grandaughter Paige..." Hi Page... Grandma Loves You :) "
I know she will want to wear these like her big Sisters will be wearing...
They came out real cute... Would you like the pattern I made up for them ??? OK

I used worsted weight and #7 needle... Cast on 30 stitches
*K1-P2-K2-P2- K2-P2-k1-P6-k1-P2-K2-p2-K2-P2-K1*
Repeat knitting the knit sts and purling the purl sts each row for 7 rows..
8th Row- repeat row but twist the 6 cable stitches.... ( slip 3 in front and knit 3 , then knit the 3 slipped sts ) I do mine.. The no cable needle way................... Like This....
I did the cable twist row 2 times .. Then I did the pattern for 5 more rows... Then I did a K1 P1 rib for 6 rows and Binded Off :)
When seaming the side don't forget to leave a space for the thumb.. I started just after the rib and left about 1 inch or more ....
These are for a Three Year Old ....