Monday, November 06, 2006


I am working on this scarf for My Daughter Terry !!! Hi Terry.. How do you like it ???? :)
Its a really pretty design. The pattern is from Garnstudio... One of my Favorite sites.
They also have a very infromative Forum if you have any questions.
I am going to do it in two halves like the heart scarf on Knitty.. Then I will graft it in the center so the design goes the same way on both halves..


Shannon said...

Thats a really nice pattern Penny, good luck with the grafting in the centre, I'm not brave enough to try that yet!! You however are SUPER KNITTER!!!!

handknit168 said...

you choose a nice scarf. I always read Garnstudio for any new patterns.

Isabelle said...

What a beautiful scarf, Penny! I have grafted 2 scarves in the middle and it is Piece of cake indeed... I know you won't have any trouble doing it!

BTW, your DD is a lucky daisy! :-D