Saturday, March 24, 2007

I received this beautiful Knit Picks yarn and Pattern in the mail yesterday...
It was sent to me byKate....
Last Month I made some Fur Hats for the Children in the Cancer Hospital and Kate sent me this to Thank Me for making them....
She wrote a lovely note to go with it :

"Your individual contribution of your time, energy and talent did not go unnoticed ! The Kids have thoroughly enjoyed the hats.... and as one of the Child Life Specialists from The Floating Hospital :
"You provided these kids with something they don't often have: A Choice. They are taking so much time choosing and selecting their hats. Something so Simple, like picking the right hat to wear gives them a sense of control in a very uncontrollable situation.

:) Kate, Dan (PC) and of course, Pumpkin !
I did not expect anything except to know the Kids were having Fun with the Hats..
Thank You Kate and Bless Those Children !
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Betty said...

Beautiful fun stuff here! I'm curious about the part of Florida you're in. I'm in the panhandle and envy your group.

Jules said...

What a splendid thing Penny!:) Be proud that you can help any child in any way.

kat said...

that is so great, its wonderful to be recognized for doing something good.