Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The morning begun with some of Our Knitters at Paneras.......From left to right is Charlene...Mary...Me 'Penny"....Betty and Lori !!!

Its always a Nice Fun Time every Wednesday when we meet to Knit and Chat and Eat !!!
I am finishing up a project here which I hope to post soon but first I have to get it to the recipient because its a "Surprise" and I don't want them to see it here on My Blog :)

LOL... OK... So now everyone will be waiting for me to send them this Surprise !!!!
Sorry.. There is only one right now... I'll have to work on another real soon :)
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Windansea said...

Hi Penny, thanks for visiting my blog! I was admiring your little red felted shoes just last week. The fuzzy feet you saw on my blog are from the pattern at - super easy! Lydia

Isabelle said...

Hello, Ladies! It looks like you are having some fun there!

Happy knitting! :-)

So, you are knitting for ME, Penny? LOL