Friday, January 12, 2007

On The Needles

Where there is a Will there is A Way :)
I really wanted to do this pattern of Suzettas and I did not have my BIG 35 needle with me.. You know .. The one that looks like the leg of a table :)
Anyway... I joined two # 17 needles together with a rubberband and I was on my way... It worked out VERY well .. I just used the point that sticks out further to pick up the yarn...And because it is sort of a flat needle that way.. The yarn didn't slide off like on the FAT round #35 needle :)..
So there you go knitters.. If you would like to try The Condo Scarf.. Give it a whirl like this.. Its Fast and Fun !!!
I used a double strand of Lion Brand Woolease in Red Sprinkles for this one...


Anonymous said...

Next time you need 35's just let me know - I have them for you to use. But good idea you had - nothing keeps a determined knitter down! Calliope

Isabelle said...

You just gave the solution to my problem, Penny! Thanks! :-)

Suzetta said...

Very creative. Where there is a will there's a way. Turned out very nice.