Saturday, January 13, 2007


This morning we were all drawn down to the beach because a whale had washed ashore... Poor thing was so badly chewed up most likely by sharks.. It took all day for the crane to dig a huge hole to bury it in... Some people from Sea World came down to autopsy parts of the whale...By the time it was buried it was such an ugly site to see with its blubber all around... :(

Untimely as it may seem I had just taken fish out of the freezer for dinner... Oh Dear... Not a good night for seafood... !!

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Anonymous said...

Oh wow, you live near my family!

I was there this weekend, and we took our puppy to the beach. We're a few miles away from the whale, but it is so sad to hear about.

-Shevon (aka Shishyb)
(wandered onto your blog from knitlist)