Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Just wanted to let you knitters .. crocheters and sewing Friends out there that Walmart is not putting Craft departments in there New Stroes.. And they are " shrinking" that Craft depts that they all ready have... Bummer, Huh ??
My Sister workes in the one here in Florida and this is what she told me... She said that we should all call.... 1-800 Walmart..... and COMPLAIN !!!
This stinks... I do get alot of craft things from Wallys... For my Seweing and knitting and beading, etc...
Go Ahead Everyone and make that Call !!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Wow, I wonder why they are doing that. Weird.

Jeannie said...

K-mart used to sell yarn about 10 yrs ago & a few other craft kits but they quit. sure hope they don't quit here cause I don't have anyplace else to buy other than hobby lobby which is higher priced, I only buy there when it's on sale.

Patricia said...

Love your little dress .I have been working on a Minnowknits dress for a while myself. As for WalMart, I have a better selection on line. I would prefer an independant store anyway!

Anonymous said...

I guess I'm one of those who gets it. The Craft dept is so high on the "not making a profit, too much loss" list that the rest of the store is supporting it. It's sad but when you look at it from that angle you can understand. No company can afford to support a dept that brings in a big negative month after month.

No matter how much we buy the amount of shoplifted product is extreme. In order to keep this dept alive they would have to put metal theft detectors on every tiny little package and put it behind counters like a pharmacy.
Very sad, but true, it only makes us honest people pay more for everything else and now we have to go elsewhere and pay more in specialty shops.